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TreSart, hot...wicked. Read on.

TreSart L.Sioux is an author of seven published books through Renaissance. She also has two short stories that will be for sale in April along with a story in the upcoming Swing! book. She is currently working on three new books that will be released this year.

TreSart also has been creating non-erotic articles for future publication. Her other passion is her art. The mediums ranges from pen and ink to sculptures. You can find TreSart here: and

I Hardly Knew You: A Tale of Lesbian Lycanthropy


Starting with a scene of violent, passionate sex between two women who are strangers to each other, this amazing novella quickly moves into scenes of sapphic lycanthropy that vividly delineate how little we know of the other in relationships, and the way love makes us consume the object of our "affection".


* * * * *
The sun was setting as I traveled along the isolated road.
Winding higher into the mountains.
What was I doing? I had just met this woman at the local lesbian watering hole, and now had agreed to spend the night with her, way out in the boonies.
Also, what was up with the motel name? Sunset Falling? Guess it wasn't your local Motel 6.
What was even stranger was the name of the bar we met at. Sunset Rising.
A connection? Freak accident?
Hell, I don't know. What I did know was something wasn't right, but my sexual needs and desires took over.
* * * * *
By the time I reached the roach infested place, my eyes were tired from an excruciating day at work.
My legs were weak from the long drive, but there was part of me that was awake...fully awake.
The desire to be fucked by someone I hardly knew.
* * * * *
You ever have one of those moments that you just don't care anymore?
Man, I had plenty of them, but seemed to tip my head above water, avoiding the horrific drown of every day life.
Still, I wanted more.
I expected more.
Hmm, ask and you shall receive.
I arrived at the motel.
Tree frogs sang in the distance as I walked into the dusty lobby.
An old man puffed on his blunted cigar stared at me intently as I signed in.
"She's in room 5."
"Pardon me?"
He grinned, displaying minimal teeth.
"I said, she's in room 5."
"How the hell do you even know who I'm looking for?"
"Trust me, we always know."
I stood for a second in shock. Beads of sweat slid down his face, finding a resting home in the many wrinkles from heavy smoking.
His shaking hand held out the key. Quickly I snatched and headed towards the rancid room.
Seedy motel: sluttish bitch.
Pure Heaven.
Pure Hell.
The key easily slid in, along with the creak from the door.
Her voice was inviting and soft.
I could see her silhouette as the sun finally went to sleep.
The full moon rose and shined brightly. Awake and ready.
"Do you mind if I turn a light on?"
I reached for a lamp, her hand shot out, stopping me.
"Not now. Let me feel your energy. Feel all around, make sure you are the one."
Okay, a little strange, but I hadn't traveled so long for nothing.
"I'm the one."

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Sierra Wolfe said...

Wow! Sexy! Great excerpt TreSart. Thanks for sharing with us.

Kissa Starling said...

I love this. Great chapter- you know how to hook the readers, girl!

Kissa Starling

judiebabie said...

I want more!

Tami said...

This book sound GREAT Tre!

Can't wait to read!

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