I am pleased to announce that The Cadet's Officer is a best seller over there at eXtasy books. I would like to extend a great big, warmhearted thank you to all of you who have supported me by buying a copy of the book. I cannot achieve success without you, my readers.

Here is the ranking for this month:

1) Tall, Mean and Darkly
2) Pure Sex
3) Saved by Love's Blood
4) The Warder's Elf
5) The Cadet's Officer
6) The Whispered
7) Boo
8) Devil Night
9) Lorelei and Darin
10) Athena's Hunger

So if you want to grab a quick read in the sci-fi genre then give The Cadet's Officer a go! It all ends with a big bang. :-)

I would also like to thank all the other authors who have made it into the top ten, too.