Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sarge's Angel is out now!

Sarge's Angel is out now! Click here to get your copy! You won't be disappointed! Also, I will announce the winner of the 'Sarge's Angel' competition tomorrow. So stay tuned :-) Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite for the adorable Hayden...

Sarge dropped his pants, pulling his feet out of them as quick as he could without tripping over. He was in the bath within a blink of an eye. His cock hard, his foreskin retracted enough so that Hayden could get at his bulging head if he so wished. Pre-cum dribbled out from his piss slit like spider silk saturated in morning dew. Sarge groaned some more as he sank into the warm water. His stomach was filled with those delightful butterflies he always got when he knew he was about to get some action. What a way to start the weekend. Hayden threw off his gauze tunic. He was hard. His foreskin, even though it still clung to his head, had also retracted so that the sight of his beautiful pink glans could be feasted upon. A tear of pre-cum also completed the look along with that delicious smile of his. He stepped into the water.

Sarge grabbed Hayden around his waist, pulling him closer. “You're going to get yourself into trouble if you keep going like this.”

“My intentions all along.” Hayden squirted more oil from the bottle. “Now let me rub your worries away some more.”


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