Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sexy wolves to fall in love with. Win Wolf's Soul!

WIN this book! A paranormal book full of action, steamy, and will leave you breathless.
Just leave a comment and you are in!
Wolf's Soul
Author: Tierney O'Malley

Short Synopsis/ Blurb

To keep the woman he loves, he’ll do more than turn his back on his pack.
He’ll fight and kill every shapeshifters in his path.
Damn the consequences. Damn his fifth and last remaining life.Ruthless, charismatic, and dangerously handsome shapeshifter, Callum Dyrdek abides by his clan’s code - avoid humans, but protect them from their archenemy, the Blood Robbers. But he broke the rules when he meets Marisol, the passionate and kick-ass woman who possesses the powerful ancient sword that belonged to the leader who ruled his clan many centuries ago. He claims her as his. Now, the enemy demands he give up the woman and the sword or they will attack the humans. Will his clan stand behind him after what he has done?

Expert swordswoman, Marisol Saint James killed a shapeshifter. Now she’s on the run with another named Callum who wants her sword and has taken her virginity. But until she finds the truth about herself, she must trust him. When Callum put his fifth and last life on the line in exchange for her safety, she intervenes. Callum wants her sword, but she gave him her heart—whole-souled.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

“Christmas In October”

Books galore, and many other prizes are being given away and you could be the winner!

 Stop by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the whole month of October.

Check out the fabulous books being showcased on those days and comment.

Your name goes into the “hat” every time you comment!

The winner will be drawn on November 1!


Here are the talented authors involved!

Kathy Rygg Nancy Bell Margaret Fieland
Juls Duncan Gail Picado Tierney O’Malley
Susan Royal Roseanne Dowell Madeleine McLaughlin
Diana DeCameron Jessica Tornese Larrianne
Jane Richardson Sharon Willett John Roseman
Cheryl Carpinello Andrea Buginsky K C Sprayberry
Kate Collins Michael Sussman Kim Dahl
James Hatch Lorrie Struiff Michael Thal
Penny Estelle Ellen Ben-Sefer Meredith Houston
Lianne Simon Margay Leah Justice Vicki Batman
Heather Haven Devon Ellington Lisa Lickel
Rebecca Ciardullo Killarney Sheffield Lisa Lickel
Justin Robinson Alix Richards Barbara E
Barbara E Carl Brush Rosemary Gemmell
Jo Ramsey Emma Ramos Amy McCorcle
Sara Benefit Billi Wagner Leah Beth Rhyne
Mike Arsuaga Kelly Whitney Kim Wehner

Friday, June 22, 2012

Giving away two copies of Wolf's Soul

Now available from Museitup Publishing

Hi everyone,

I launched a new contest for my new book, Wolf's Soul. Here is the link to my website where you can see the contest.

See you all there!


Tierney O'Malley

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wolf's Soul--A new kind of shapeshifters!


Ruthless, charismatic, and dangerously handsome shape-shifter, Callum Dyrdek abides by his clan's code - avoid humans, but protect them from their archenemy, the Blood Robbers. But when he meets Marisol, he’s breaking all the rules. This passionate, kick-ass woman possesses the powerful, ancient sword that belonged to the leader who ruled his clan many centuries ago. He knows he shouldn’t, yet he can’t help claiming her as his. Now the enemy demands he give up the woman and the sword or they will attack the humans. Will he end up with the woman he loves—or will he lose his soul?
Expert swordswoman, Marisol Saint James killed one shapeshifter—now she's on the run with another named Callum who wants her sword and has taken her virginity. Until she finds the truth about herself, she must trust him. An evil clan is after them, one whose leader believes that Callum is responsible for the death of his sister. Both clans are determined to possess the sword.
When Callum puts his fifth and last life on the line in exchange for her safety, Marisol knows she has to intervene. Callum wants her sword, but she gives him her heart—whole-souled.

Friday, April 13, 2012

BlackRaven's Erotic Cafe Giveaway!

A big thank you to all who participated in Friday Night Segment at Black Raven's Cafe. 
Congratulations Shadow! You won a copy of Wicked Knight, book one of Knight Brothers Series.

Visit BlackRaven's Erotic Cafe for another chance to win a copy of Ablaze. 
Contest ends on April 16th.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do you Believe in Big Foot? Nessie? Chupacabra? Yeti?

Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by cryptozoology. I think I've seen every documentary there is on Big Foot and have studied the famous video of the Sasquatch walking. Do I believe in Big Foot? I do! And yeah, I've heard all the debate against the existence of the hairy creatures. We'd have found a dead one by now, or bones or we'd have captured more on video or in the wild. Or we'd have found their poop. Heard it all. I don't care. I still believe in them. I think they are a highly evolved ape and that's it. An elusive, private creature. Just an undiscovered ape that doesn't drag his knuckles.

I also believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

And the Chupacabra.

Seriously! I think the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric water dinosaur. Heck, the alligator is pretty dang prehistoric!

And the Chupacabra? I think it's some kind of hairless wolf.

So, do you believe in any of these creatures? Have you seen any of them? I'd love to hear!

I'm so in love with the Bigfoot Legend that I included it in my latest release, Canyon Wolf Bride. Find out how cryptozoologists discover a species of wolves thought to be extinct at the bottom of The Grand Canyon.

Buy Link at Amazon

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And the Yeti, Big Foot's Snowy cousin have a very important role in the ending to Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen!
Check out this cool article on the Yeti HERE!

Buy Link at Amazon

Buy Link at Barnes and Noble


Let me know if anyone runs into one of these mysterious guys!

~Happy Reading,

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Win a copy of Wicked Knight!

Join the TRR Anniversary Party

My book, Wicked Knight, is one of the cool prizes The Romance Reviews is giving away. :) So click on the image above and join!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dust off that old manuscript!

Back in 2007, I finally became a published author after a boat load of rejections from publishing houses all over the world. My second novel, Canyon Wolf Bride was finally released after waiting three long years. I'd written it in 2004 after the birth of my second daughter. For some weird reason, after having a baby, I like to write books. Well, not really weird reasons but I have to quit my job to stay home with the baby and every time I have a kid, my brain says...psssst...."Hey, Mommy! Yeah, you over there. The one breastfeeding your offspring like there's no tomorrow, get your butt in gear and write that novel you keep telling yourself you'll write. You know it is your dream before you die to get published. You tried this back in 1996, remember? And that crusty, old, dried up, curled on the edges ancient manuscript is still in your freaking attic!!!"

It was true. I'd written a full length romantic suspense back in 1996 when my first daughter was born. My very first attempt at writing a novel. And I tried to put as many twists and turns into that baby and boy..was I fond of secondary characters! Well, I never submitted that baby. I did take a very cool screenplay class at a community college and had the coolest old gay screenplay writer/instructor dude in all the land. We'd even go to his house on Friday evenings and read our screenplays out loud. He loved to embarrass the shit out of students. If your work sucked, he told you to your face. And let everyone else know too. Cruel old bastard but I liked him. And he LOVED my work. Wonder if he still meets with students in his home. Lord, he was like 90 back then and that was like 12 years ago! Wow! Well, he was a mean old fucker...excuse my French but he was...but he was honest and I really did respect his opinion. He was a horror writer in the 50's and a published romance author. He wrote many screenplays for silver screen horror movies. Now no one knows who he is but back then, he was huge. Well, he loved my first novel and urged me to try my best to get the damn thing published. He even loved my romantic screenplay which still collects dust to this day. Hate to say it but I haven't done a damn thing with the screenplay but I finally had my old ass manuscript totally edited after a total revamping and indie pubbed the sucker!

I have to say I really loved revisiting the old characters and it was cool to see how much I'd grown as a writer. My writing style has totally changed. My voice is different and even my former voice is heard loud and clear in this book. I didn't want to alter the book totally. I was a little interested to see how well the book would do with my old voice in a genre I rarely write today. Romantic Suspense. Mostly now I write paranormal books.

And damn, it sure felt good to dust off that baby and send it out into the world. So dust off your old manuscripts, revisit your old characters and send your old friends out into the world. Just make sure you have a very good editor and be prepared to cringe...A LOT! I only recommend revamping one old manuscript per lifetime.

Here she is! Tada!!! My first manuscript: Deadly R&R by Ruby Vines

And this old bird will be on sale for .99 because back in 1996, you could buy two cokes for that price, not one.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Blog!

Dear Readers:

I have my personal blog up now. Stop by. I'd love to see you over there :)

Talk to you soon,
Wendy Ely

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How a Hermit Left her Cabin for a Life in the WILD!


Discover the Wild! Escape Today...

One reader reviewer said, "The perfect blend of erotica and horror for readers who crave darker stories with a sexy storyline!"

Happy Tuesday!
~Alisha Paige
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