Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I wanna change my name!

One of the first things writers usually try to figure out is if they want to write under a pen name. I thought about this too right in the beginning. I decided against it when I got my first book contract and pride swelled my head a bit. Write under a pen name? Hell no! I want the world to know that book came from me. That book was released... then another... then the third. Finally I got the contract for my "different" book.

I sat in Starbucks having coffee with my author friends. Do I publish this book under a pen name, I wondered again. We went over the pros and cons of it. In the end, I decided to publish the "different" book under my own name. As I reread this book through edits, some of the scenes made me blush. You see, the book is a lot naughtier than I usually write and that is saying a lot because I normally write some pretty steamy stuff! Even though parts of the book made me blush, I still am not embarrassed for writing the content inside those pages. No way! I'm proud of the book.

But I wish I had put it under a pen name. You see, authors have a regular fan base, that group of people who insist on buying every single book from the author as soon as the book releases. I think that the group of people are drawn to us because of the way we write. My group of people knows what to expect when they buy one of my books. Then here comes Cross the Line. Something totally new and ten times as sexual. It threw my readers off I'm sure. If I could do it over I would have a different name on the cover so that that style of writing could get its own fan base. Know what I mean?

I'm including a scene from Cross the Line. Its the tamest one I could find and I hope you enjoy it. If you're ready for a really smokin' hot read, you can pick it up at


I dropped the last box on the brown tiles and worried whether I’d packed anything breakable inside. With my luck, I had. Relieved to be done moving, I was already tired of the new city I called home even though I’d only been in it for a few hours. If I didn’t find something appealing about the place soon, I would be looking into moving again like when I’d wanted to get out of Billings, Montana. Nothing had been wrong with the old place, I get bored easy and like to move around is all.

My new best friend roared to life, blowing cool air from the vents. Ignoring the open front door, I sat down on the box I’d dropped. I did my best to rub the knots out of my lower back, but with achy arms, I wasn’t doing so well. Sweat trickled down my forehead, requiring me to stop my half-attempt at a massage, grab a washcloth from a nearby bag and mop at the sweat. How did people live like this? Why I’d decided to accept the job offer in Phoenix was beyond me. But moving in the middle of the Phoenix summer? Even worse. Now I could understand why Arizona had earned the nickname “the devil’s playground.”

Playground? Not sure that would be the right word choice because I was convinced I’d arrived in hell itself.

A knock on the door made me jump up from the box, making every strain in my muscles and joints become more prominent. The pain quickly faded as a luscious vision in denim leaned against my doorframe, looking sexy as sin.

A shot of heat spread through my body. I had no idea why he instantly turned me on. I didn’t find goatees attractive, wasn’t into the whole tattoo bit, or the almost too tight t-shirt style, but it all looked perfect on this man. This man definitely had the talent to pull off the bad boy look that made women drop to their knees. Me included.

I quickly ran my fingers through my hair. It had once been in a complete ponytail, but was only partially bound by a hairband at this point. I looked like a mess and knew it. What a great way to start out meeting someone so handsome. But that’s my luck and I had accepted it long ago. To make the best of the situation, I wiped my sweaty palm down my jean shorts before holding it out to him. “Hi. My name’s Leslie Teague.”

“Chris Matthews.” He barely touched my hand before dropping it, as if scorched. He cocked his head toward the front of my apartment. “Need help with that truck out front?”

“I would’ve taken you up on your offer a little earlier, but I’m done now.” The lie floated from my lips as if the act came as a second nature to me. I never lied to people and never, ever asked anyone for help. So why did I find myself holding my hands out toward the room full of boxes as if presenting a prize? “Unless you want to assist in moving the mattress to my bedroom?” A few suggestions as to what we could do on that mattress came to mind, but I did my best to keep my mouth shut.


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Wendy Ely

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deadly R&R......Coming Soon!

Happy Tuesday to all you wicked bloggers!

All my contemporary titles will release under the pen name, Ruby Vines! She writes romantic suspense and romantic comedy! I want my readers to have a clear distinction between the different genres. Alisha Paige writes paranormal, fantasy, time travel and vintage romance.

A big thank you to all my readers for picking up Circle City! You've made Circle City a Bestseller at Amazon. Hotter than Hell, Sam Bond on my cover is now a best selling cover model as well as the world's sexiest bodybuilder in the world!

I'm working on Circle City: Book II.

Ruby's debut novel, Deadly R&R, will release this week!!! Here's the blurb! Have a fantastic day and don't forget to spread love!

Blurb for Deadly R&R

Shay Reynolds was raised solely by her father and abandoned by her mother at an early age. Old enough now to take the reigns of her father's business, R&R Advertisting in Palm Springs, Florida, she's about as happy and as successful as a modern woman can get without a mother. Engaged to handsome Chase McMillan, an anchor on the popular national morning television show in New York City with her ads regularly nominated for the prestigious Clio Awards, she's a woman accustomed to life handing her roses. Her good fortune takes a nose dive when her fiance dies mysteriously. Falling into a deep depression, Shay confides in her chauffeur, Tommy Smith and agrees to hire his father's private eye service to investigate. Afraid to be alone, Shay shares her thoughts and broken dreams with Tommy. A serial killer is on the loose. Bad timing for Tommy who has always had it bad for his boss. Hot on the trail of a sicko who enjoys the shock factor of cryptic messages sent to the object of his affection, Tommy fights to shield the only woman who has never treated him like a hired hand.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stephanie Williams is in the House!!

Author Stephanie Williams has a new release!!! Stephanie is an interesting gal and lists her likes as classical music, opera and calls herself a history buff. Reading is her passion and she reads at least a book a week. She's even celebrated Christmas with shrimp on the Barbie Down Under! On top of all of that, she's a writer, a full-time business owner and a medical facility Purchasing Agent. Wow! How does she find the time to write too?

So, take a peek at her releases...For Research Purposes Only releases TODAY!!

Stephanie Williams

(Stephanie Williams at an E-book signing)

Janet Harrison is the number-one reporter at Channel Ten News. She is also the go-to woman for every mobster in Chicago. She’s their mouthpiece. When they’re ready to snitch, they come to her and she is more than willing to listen—anything to put the big fish behind bars.

And she got a big fish: Salvatore “The Lip” Valinci. She also got herself in a whole lot of trouble. She stands before Judge Fernando Gonzales, in contempt of court for not revealing her sources. But that’s not the only trouble she’s in.

Judge Gonzales has had his eye on the beautiful, defiant reporter for some time. Contempt of court is small potatoes: Judge Gonzales wants to punish her in more ways than one.
Soon, “The Lip” is released on a technicality, and wants to even the score. If they work together, Janet and Fernando may survive the threat of death, but can they survive their unconventional relationship?

Stephanie Williams House Arrest


“Does your client refuse to talk?” he asked Mr. McCaffy.

Tom McCaffy, the latest big-shot attorney from Riechchile, Williams, Reese, Johnson and Smith, claimed the title of mob lawyer with pride. Gonzales could tell by the look on his face that Janet Harrison was making him work harder than any mobster could.

“Oh, come on, Your Honor. You know the drill. She can’t rev—”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. But you and I have an obligation to this court, as you well know. And I know, you know, she knows who squealed, so it’s up to me to find out.”

“You’re wasting your time,” she huffed, talking out of turn. She then made a show of staring at her watch. “Look, I have a hair appointment. Can I go?”

Oh no she didn’t! She’d just looked straight at him as if talking to one of her girlfriends.

“Uh…Your Honor, what my client is trying to say is that it’s late, and if we can continue this at a later date, maybe by then—”

“I know what I meant!” she snapped at McCaffy.

“Please!’ McCaffy said, hitting her side.

Janet Harrison: Hellcat. And Fernando loved it. But her mouth just got her into more trouble than any mob boss ever could.

He held his breath and counted to ten in Spanish. When he looked back over the courtroom, she stood there grinning at him. She knew what she was doing. Or did she?

Stephanie Williams


Lacy Cunningham prides herself on being a prolific writer in the romance and erotica industry. However, for the first time, she’s stumped by her latest project—a ménage à trois. She’s doing everything to help get her creative juices flowing, from reading others works, buying non-fiction books on the subject to renting DVDs—everything short of participating in the act itself.

Her boyfriend, Marty and Jerry, her first crush from college, are more than willing to help her with her research. With Jerry arriving in town for vacation, Marty mentions the possibility of a ménage à trois, and Lacy mulls over taking her studies a bit further. But it’s going to take a lot of prodding on the guys’ part before she actually indulges in that kind of research.


The teakettle went off just as Marty spoke. Maybe the sound of the whistle confused her, but she must have heard him correctly.

“You better tend to that.” She pointed toward the stove.

“Of course.” He got up and removed the kettle from the burner.

She watched him pour water into their cups. The smell of raspberry scented the air. He brought the cups over to the nook and sat back down.

“Now, where were we?” he asked.

“You said you meant to make the connection between my story and Jerry, in so many words.”

“Yeah. How do you feel about that?”

“You mean an actual threesome. Marty, I thought you and I had something.”

“We do. I love you. Would this question be a problem if the threesome included Jerry?”

Good question. Jerry had to be the sexist man on the planet, next to Marty, of course. When Jerry walked into a room, women and some men’s jaws dropped. Tall like Marty, his presence took one’s breath away. Where Marty had long, dark hair, Jerry’s was medium length and a deep golden honey color. She’d never seen anything like it.

His gray, soulful eyes made you melt. His lips begged for you to touch, kiss, and even lick them. When he smiled, his cheekbones became even more prominent. And he had a voice like a sultry caress. He could be talking about the weather and it made her panties wet.

Oh, God. She realized that she’d been paying way too much attention to Jerry. But she couldn’t still be attracted to him like that. Could she? She just found him attractive, two different things. Right?


Marty’s voice snapped her to attention. “Huh?”

“You were thinking about Jerry, weren’t you?” He smirked.

Damn! There he goes again. “Um…just thinking about this book.”

“The hell you were.” Marty took a gulp of tea. “Come on, Lacy, we’ve never kept secrets from each other. It’s okay if you find Jerry attractive. It’s okay if you feel a little something for him still. It’s okay if you think about both him and me—with you.”

Lacy had her cup to her lips, about to take a sip, when she stopped. “You’re kidding?”

“No. It’s only natural. Look, you’re writing a book on threesomes. I tell you that our mutual friend is coming by, a mutual friend who happens to be attractive to every straight woman on earth according to your friend Edith.”

Lacy had to snicker at that. Edith did make it a point to let Jerry know the sun rose and set with him.

“I’m not upset, if that’s what’s worrying you,” Marty continued.

“I’m not worried…anymore. I’m more confused now.” Confused? What an understatement.

“Understandable. The man you’ve been dating for some time just told you he’s not ticked you’re thinking of another dude, a mutual friend at that.”


Marty reached over and took her hand, sending an electrical pulse to her soul. Pair that with his mesmerizing glare and she’d have sex with him in Times Square with the CNN news cameras going. Did adding Jerry to the mix make it any different?

“We can talk about this later. Jerry won’t be here for a couple of days.”

“You’re serious.” She couldn’t believe it.

“I didn’t actually offer Jerry to you, or agree to anything. I’m just letting you know I understand if you have, let’s say, unconventional thoughts about the three of us.” Marty got up with his tea and left the room.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Incurbator is Released!

The third and final part of the Borders of Worlds Saga is out now. Click here to get your copy of The Incubator.


He came over me. His lips now wet with his efforts. His smile matched the wonder he had given me. “I will take you now.”

I growled. “It wasn’t a request, it’s a fucking order!”


“I’ll give you—”

But I didn’t get to finish my words. Vernon’t cock pierced my warmth, and I shuddered like someone who had been electrocuted. I don’t know how, but I managed to grapple him, bring him closer, my nails scratching the skin on his back. In an instant I became overwhelmed. He pushed himself in deeper and all I could manage was a muffled “fuuuucking heeellll” before he pressed his warm lips onto mine.

My prostate burned with the sudden stimulation it received. I couldn’t gasp or call out into the heated night to let him know he had hit the spot I needed him to touch. Vernon’s tongue was too busy dancing with my own, our lips sealed. I didn’t care. My rim stretched, my hole filled, and my body soaked in both pleasure and pain.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I did it!

Guess what? I sent out two submissions this month. Dang, it has been forever since I've been focused on writing and it feels great! Okay, so the first book needs some stuff added for it to fit into the publisher's line. I'm working on that part of it. The other book is a paranormal romance novella titled Dreaming of Him. Lyrical Press contracted it! I, my friends, are on cloud 9.

Here is a secret for only you (wink): I don't read paranormal. I don't write paranormal. I only watch paranormal movies when my daughter forces me to. So how the heck did a write a paranormal? You see, my daughter came up with a great idea. We'd write the book together. We got as far as plotting the thing when she decided she couldn't let me read her writing. "You're an author," she said that day, "and I'm not." I decided then that I would write the book for her.

The scheduled release date is January 2012. This one means more to me than any other because my daughter hasn't read any of it yet. I will let her read it when the book is totally finished with the edits.

Anyway, talk to you soon!

Wendy Ely

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Excerpt from Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen (On Sale for .99!)


Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen - Book I by Alisha Paige

A lone dog walked the streets of Circle City. He had no fear of being captured or seen by the Wolfen. Tonight was the night of the first full moon after the historical Feral Consummation, a time of great celebration. All of Circle City was invited to the “human” wedding of Axl and Zoe. Though it was all for show, the traditional fanfare usually followed the real deal. Since the ancient ceremony was attended by only males, this wedding had been planned by Sakti and would be attended by all Wolfen and Circle City humans. Rumors were swirling, even as far away as Anchorage where the Kontar lived among the humans. The dog had caught wind of the party weeks ago even though he lived in hiding from his own kind. He had to see if it was true but first, he had to find something else.

The gangly, tortoise shell colored canine snorted, his hot breath forming puffs of smoke above his head as he walked through the gates of the Circle City Cemetery, passing ancient headstones, some now broken from ages of snow and ice. He made his way to the center of the graveyard, leaping over broken stones and fallen frozen branches. His gait slowed as he neared the Wolfen tomb, keeping his head low, ever watching, glancing behind him and moving onward, his belly grazing the ground as he slid beneath the fence and scampered up the stone steps. He lifted his thin muzzle in the moonlight and took a deep breath. The word Wolfdorn, the human surname for the Wolfen clan was etched in giant block letters. He cocked his ears, listening for noise. Organ music drifted from the church. Soon the ceremony would be over. He’d conceal himself here until the people had moved on to the reception.

He sniffed. Nothing.

It was safe to enter. He walked inside the giant tomb, impressed at its enormity. The Kontar tomb was only a fourth the size of this monstrosity. Shadows now concealed him but his night vision could see everything in perfect detail. There were dozens and dozens of slender glass coffins lined in rows. Fresh flowers decorated every single casket. The stench of formaldehyde and stale death clogged his nostrils and he grunted, pointing his nose to the ground, keeping his eyes focused on the wall, reading the etched names as he strode past ancient ancestors of the Wolfen. When he came to the last aisle, he stopped, closed his tired eyes and sniffed. A yelp escaped as he collapsed onto his haunches, then laid flat on his belly.

He could smell her.


He lay there for several minutes before rising. With shaking legs, he stood and walked forward. Lifting with his hind legs, he rested his front paws on the edge of the glass casket, peering inside. A great, mournful whine escaped as he gazed down at her; his wife, his love. His tail shook at a flurry of violent sparkles. Feet flew beneath his hind legs and he grew taller, unable to keep from shifting to a human in all his grief. Now leaning over his dead wife was a gaunt man with short, brown hair and wide brown eyes, conveying all the sadness in the world as tears dripped onto glass as cold as ice. His breath fogged up the coffin and her face disappeared beneath, only the color of her shining ruby red hair shown through. He rubbed it away with a shaking palm and sobbed out loud.

“Tisa, my love! I never abandoned you! I was banished for marrying you. The king wanted you for himself. They took me away and told you lies.”

He collapsed on top of the glass and screamed her name again and again, hoping and praying the Wolfen would hear and end his misery. No one heard his cries. The only sound was the echo of his sobs on the cold, stone walls. He raised his eyes to her name etched on the wall and whispered it again.


It had been so long since he’d said it out loud. He kissed his wedding ring and plucked a dead white rose from her funerary flowers. The dog man sat beside her in silence, sniffing, thinking of her and the love they once shared. And suddenly the reality of his nightmare slammed into full focus. Surrounding her were seven miniscule coffins. He gasped, ran a rugged hand through his hair and stood again, rushing forward. Within each coffin lay a body wrapped entirely in white, the customary burial garb for children of the Wolfen. The souls of the innocent were considered so pure their bodies were not allowed to be viewed in death. He walked from casket to casket, touching every one, praying in Kontar tongue between the soft sobs of a broken man. And then he returned to Tisa ’s coffin, opened the latch and raised the lid. He touched her face and smiled through his tears. Blackest grief gripped his heart, squeezing it so that he could scarcely breathe. A tear dropped onto her lips and he kissed it away ever so softly.

“We will meet in the next life, my love.”

With shaking hands, he closed the casket and fastened the latch before shifting back into a dog and darting back into the night, bounding down the tomb steps, running straight down the center of the cemetery, leaping over a giant angel with icicles hanging from her wings and past the gates. He ran down the middle of the road, harboring no fear as he sprinted to the church and walked around to the side stained glass windows. He pressed his nose against the glass and sniffed. It wasn’t his imagination. He thought he had caught the scent when he’d walked into town.

His eyes flashed open, changing from brown to burning red. He sniffed again, whining softly.

He was sure of it. He sniffed and closed his eyes. Now he wondered why his sister, Magna had never told him. He knew she was working for the Wolfen and had cut ties with the Kontar though he knew how to get in touch with her if he needed to.

The scent flooded his nostrils.

The Scraffen. He was sure of it.

It was all he could do to restrain a growl. Inside was one of his own. Ivan panted, pacing back and forth, his mind reeling. One pup had survived.

Available Now for .99!

Amazon Link To Buy

Barnes and Noble Link To Buy

Alisha Paige Website

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Errand Insanity!

Errands yesterday became interesting. A rainy day that ended in severe weather, but as I dashed into the post office Friday morning a twenty-something year old guy dashed in ahead of me. He held the door open for me, greeted me with something along the lines of “good morning” and then an inane comment about the severe weather we’re supposed to have later that day. He insisted I go ahead of him in line even though he arrived before me. I thanked him and proceeded to wait my turn. Standing in line, I’m growing frustrated by the post office’s clerk’s hateful attitude over a girl who was attempting to conduct business and quiet her crying infant. Anyone that has a wee bit of sense realizes parents cannot control their crying infants.

The young man that held the door for me leans in and says, “You smell good.”

Me: “Thanks.”

*I’m mentally running through my morning shower and whether I used my Bath & Body scent or plain ole soap* For the record, it was plain soap.

Young Man: “What perfume are you wearing?”

Me: “None.”

Young Man: “Well, rain just makes you smell good then.”

Me: *double take while thinking he cannot be serious* I realize he’s smiling, I avoid eye contact and mutter an awkward, “Thanks”, while wishing I’d hit the grocery store first.

Young Man: “You married?”

Me: *still avoiding eye contact* “Yep, twenty years this year. I really didn’t expect the line to be this long with the weather the way it is.”

At this point I’m praying the line picks up speed so I can get out of there or he takes the hint and changes the topic! Rudely, I didn’t think to ask him if he was married and frankly I don’t care if he was or wasn’t. I finally got out of there without too much personal information shared.

Now, off to the grocery store. I push my buggy up the coffee isle and it’s really narrow. In order for two buggies to pass side-by-side, you’ve gotta maneuver them carefully and then you’re probably going to scrap handlebars. I’m in a hurry because I want to beat the rain home and I wheel into this narrow isle. Twenty something young man tugs his cart back like he thinks he’s in my way and I tell him, “You're okay”. Young Man chuckles and when I glance at him, he says, “Why thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.” I died laughing.

Grocery young man was teasing and obviously has a great sense of humor, while post office young man was a little creepy! LOL On the drive home I got to thinking about the two of them and how friendly they were with a total stranger, nothing at all like the guys I knew back in my twenties. What will the next generation be like? I worry about them with all their technology, especially after my 13 year old son sent and received over 7,000 text messages in the month of March alone. Insanity!! I guess in 50 years, we’ll be a silent society and conduct all conversations telepathically. ;-)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coming soon sneak peek!

The Hood of Justice.


Mild, mannered rookie police officer, Casey Watson is dedicated to his job, works long hours and tries to make a difference within his district fighting crime, dodging bullets and leaping tall buildings with a single...well okay, he doesn’t leap buildings, but the rest of it, no worries. Casey is a can-do man, keen and eager to keep the city safe at night. Together, with his rough and tough work partner and good buddy, Bruce O’Connell, they make a great team, always looking out for each other.

But Casey is different...very different.

Underneath the uniform, behind the badge he proudly wears, he has something on his body which is quite, quite special. You could say, he has a super ability, one which Casey himself is just coming to grips with.

He has a magical foreskin.

When he cock docks with any perpetrator, when his foreskin tingles to let him know the criminal he has apprehended is guilty, the magic within his amazing foreskin makes any man tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What’s more, they forget everything as soon as Casey comes to climax, too. They never stand a chance.

All is peachy until Bruce and Casey are given the job of investigating and interrogating super criminal, Randy Piper. All of a sudden, Casey’s fears come to fruition. Sure, he now has a reputation of being a master interrogator, but not even his partner on the beat knows of his secret. No one must know. Cock docking with criminals isn’t exactly in the manual for standard police procedure, now is it?

If anyone finds out about his foreskin’s abilities, Bruce, the Sarge, anyone, he could be suspended, kicked off the force at the worst. Not something career minded Casey would ever want. But the worst thing of all, the stuff of nightmares for him, is if the criminals themselves found out. A dirty no good for nothing criminal like Randy Piper for instance, the very guy they have been assigned to question. Casey can’t even imagine what would happen to him if a psychopath like Randy ever found out? He’d be in the unemployment line before he even zipped up his trousers.

Can Casey continue to perform his duties while using his foreskins abilities? Or will he have to reveal his secret to not only protect himself, but Bruce as well? Or does Bruce already know? However the night they have to apprehend Randy Piper will go down, Casey will never be the same again. His foreskin is going to do a lot more than tingle, that’s for sure!

The cover is my own creation:-) It will not be used once the publishers cover is issued.

For more information, click the link

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Tiny Taste

Just feeding my Chinese tiger. Pictures, Images and Photos
(Photo courtesy of photo bucket)

Today I thought I'd give you a tiny taste of my full length paranormal romance, Circle City:Lord of the Wolfen ~ Book I. Wow! Could you imagine feeding a kitty cat like this? Yikes!!!

You can still purchase Circle City for .99 at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The Hour Glass Witch is also on sale for .99 for your Kindle or Nook. If you read either book, drop me a line. I love to hear from readers and promise to write back!

All of my contact information can be found HERE as can information for ordering autographed copies of my books. Click the banner below to go to the Kindle Profile Page for Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen and more links to purchase.

Excerpt for Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen ~ Book I
Zoe stacked frozen venison steaks into the oversized freezer on the back porch while the puppy relieved himself near a frozen boulder. She heard a twig snap then the sound of crunching snow. The puppy didn’t weigh enough to crunch snow and wasn’t near the woods. A chill snaked down her spine. She felt eyes on her. Someone was watching. In a rush of panic, she reached for her rifle leaning against the cabin. A gray blur flew past her. She grabbed the rifle and raised it, blinking, scanning.
And then the puppy was yelping, held in the jaws of an enormous gray wolf. Zoe took a step forward, cocked the rifle. The wolf growled, baring his fangs while the puppy dangled helplessly, kicking like a frenzied jack rabbit. She took another step forward and from out of the woods and rushing from the sides of her cabin, a circle of wolves emerged, all of them growling, approaching with canines flashing.
Huge wolves.
Like the one she’d killed by the creek. Like Jack’s mother.
She blinked and realized in a split second that she’d never kill them all. She took a step backward onto the porch, reaching blindly for the door behind her while she struggled to hold the rifle up with one arm. And then one of them from the left pounced on her and both of them fell into her open doorway. She screamed and fought as the wolf snapped at her throat, spilling blood, nicking her with one sharp canine. Her world swam before her. The panic and fear was all too much. She knew she’d soon die and though it would end her pain, she realized in that final moment of consciousness that she wanted to live.
More than anything.
Jacob’s face flitted through her mind and she felt the sensation of her husband holding her close, breathing into her ear.
Another wolf bounded into the cabin and changed into a man when his feet hit the worn wooden floors. He grabbed the wolf by the scruff of his neck and slammed him against a wall. “I want her alive!”
Lord of the Wolfen turned and growled at the lesser wolf now shaking his head in the corner. “Take her to the caverns,” he ordered.
The wolf nodded in answer and was changed in two steps, now a bulky man with black, spiky hair. He grabbed a quilt off the bed and wrapped the woman carefully. Blood oozed from her neck. He licked it clean and then hauled her over one shoulder. When the three stepped outside, the wolves were now all standing in human form. All of them were men except for the young woman who carried the whining puppy.
Dacien withdrew a wooden flute from his coat pocket and blew three silent notes. From both sides of the cabin came four dog sleds, led by a fleet of rambunctious, glorious, white Alaskan huskies, blue eyed smiling creatures of servitude. Kory took the puppy in his hands and hugged him, breathing in his scent. “We’re going home, grandson.”
The Wolfen boarded elaborate sleds with red velvet covered seats and fastened fur lined hats over their heads. This part of the woods was secluded with only a few homes between Zoe’s cabin and the caverns, but they could not risk being seen as wolves, particularly during hunting season. The few times they’d actually come across people, Kory used his Russian accent and had said they were vacationing in the area. He’d remembered to erase the person’s memory on all but one occasion. And it had been a grave error. The local sheriff had stopped them, looking for some hunters who had reportedly killed two polar bears. And it had been true.
Lord of the Wolfen had killed two of the creatures for the waxing ceremony, celebrating the young males coming of age in the clan. The bears had been the main course for the feast. The sheriff had let Kory go, bidding him a safe trip but the wolf had smelled the man’s disbelief, a scent akin to dry earth. The Wolfen were now being watched and Kory continued to curse himself for failing to hypnotize the man and erase his memory when he’d had the chance.
A fierce north wind blew the snow into their faces, but the dogs knew the way. Night had fallen when they reached the caverns. Dacien leapt from his sled, turning into a wolf in mid air, springing into the cave and down the narrow, freezing pathway that led to the secret snow covered entrance. Upon arrival, he shifted back and unlocked the circular roof, allowing the clan passage into their home underground.
The caverns of the Wolfen were fifteen hundred years old. A mansion beneath the earth with two dozen rooms, housing Lord of the Wolfen, his family, his brothers and their families. It was their loyalty to one another that had kept them alive and thriving for so long.
Tisa’s banishment had been hard on all of them and now her death had plunged them all into darkest mourning. But there was much to celebrate tonight. One of the pups had survived. The woman’s sacrifice to the Holy Trinity would at least now be delayed. She would die for killing Tisa.
But not tonight.
Kory would allow his grandson the grand honor, but first he had to grow into a man.
A Wolfen man.
The Kontar and Ivan would be dealt with soon. And Kory knew just how to punish them all for his daughter’s death.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Star Review from NOR and a Reader's Pick, too!

I have just got this email and can't believe it! I got reader top pick and a 5 star review for The Nourisher from Night Owl Reviews! Here is the link to read the review in full. I have to say, I don't get reviewed much because of what I write, but this one has made my day. Thank you to NOR!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No longer an author!

My first book (Jesse's Brother) came out 1 year and 10 months ago! It has been a magnificant journey as an author but I've known that my writing career has been slowly slipping away. I haven't done much author stuff in the past 10 months. It tears me apart. My miss the life of being an author... you know... fan mail requesting your next book, edits, getting the new cover, and the great reviews. I feel like it is all over for me because I just don't have any time to write, edit, and submit new material. I've known this was coming, but it really hit me last night when I opened up my royalty statement for March. The day had finally come.... I had reached the month where I didn't sell one single book. It took 1 year and 10 months to get there but it hurts, dang it! I need to write. I need to sell books. I need this life back. So if you're up to a new read feel free to stop by here and grab one of my books! Talk to you soon, Wendy Ely

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recharging the Writer's Soul

One thing is for sure about writers. We sit on our bums all day or all night, depending on when you write. And that's just not good for the bones or the soul. We all need to recharge and I'm sure you all have your various methods. What are yours? Share yours today and I'll pick the most original and give the winner his or her choice of any of my books in virtual format.

One of my favorite ways to recharge is gardening. I did plenty of that yesterday. I love digging the earth with my giant cooking spoon. Do you think I should invest in some gardening tools? I have and they aren't as good as my spoons. I go nuts in the kitchen aisle and I'm shopping for garden stuff. My mother doesn't have a green thumb. She has a green body, a green soul, green hair. She looks like freaking Oscar the Grouch. No kidding. The woman's house is like one giant African violet. She's constantly bringing over cuttings, bulbs, baskets and flats of whatever plant is overtaking her garden. I have news for you mom...uh, it's a lost cause. And get this, I'm not kidding either. When my parents go out of town, I take care of their problem, a couple of cans of Fancy Feast, fresh water and rubbing behind the ears. No joke takes me nearly 2 freaking hours to water her stuff. there I am lugging a baby on my hip for two hours while I talk to the garden hose about my latest WIP. I complain a lot but really I love it. This recharges my battery as much as working in my own garden. Nothing more soothing then being outside, listening to the birds chirping, giving the earth and the flowers a nice, long drink. I once saw a psychic that told me if I'm ever stuck on a book, to run water. She said it makes everything flow. I thought she was nuts until I realized I do my best plotting in the shower. Watering plants works too. Try it.

Okay, many of my wicked blogger friends know that I adore wine, particularly red wine. Well, last year I planted a grapevine. Well, I affectionately call it my winevine. Cause that's what it is really. It's gorgeous this year. Last year it was a stick with one leaf. Check it out.

I love watching my plants start out as tiny little things in the spring and grow to full bodied beauties in the summer and this baby is just getting started. This really recharges my battery. And I love the sunshine on my skin and face. You know, sunshine is prescribed for people in dreary climates. Sunshine is rich in Vitamin D and helps with depression. I think many writers fall into depression needlessly because we are shut inside like mad scientists, working furiously on a deadline. Stop it! Go outside! Thankfully, many of us have laptops.

I love to take my kids to the park or get a glass of wine and hang out in the backyard while they play. Pack a picnic lunch and head to the ole swimming hole. We have a great creek nearby. My honey and I have had some wonderful days there too. The kids love to catch turtles, watch minnows, dig in the mud and collect rocks and shells. Take the dogs on a walk, take the kids out in the stroller or mix it up and do both! Venture outdoors and recharge that battery!

Another thing that we often do to ourselves as writers is deprive ourselves of precious sleep. This is a big fat no-no! We need our sleep! And if you're like me and you're forced to write at night because of the rugrats, then take a nap with the baby. Your body and mind will thank you for it later and your brain will be recharged, refreshed and wired, ready to go for several hours of good writing that same night. If you don't, you might end up like Tiny down below.

Okay, now my ultimate favorite way to unwind, relax and recharge is...I bet it's yours too....snicker. Hmmmm....I wonder...what could it be...that's right....some good ole fashioned kissing, face sucking, lip hugging, neck licking, you name it. I love to kiss, as most women do and many men generally like to skip this MOST important bit of foreplay. For me, it IS the foreplay and the very best way to revel in your lover's scent and special brand of love. *Sigh* Kissing is oh so intimate and seductive and then of course, it leads to the really good shit so let's all recharge our batteries with this baby. Put this at the top of your list at RECHARGE LESSON #1....WE MUST MAKE LOVE AND LOTS OF IT!!!! And hey, it's a fabulous reason to post more hot as hell eye candy pics!

Now Wicked Bloggers....UNITE, GO FORTH, RECHARGE THOSE BATTERIES!!! I double dog dare you to seduce your lover the second he or she walks through your door today. Say it was an assignment. Report back with the details. All of them. The more vivid the better. Now, DO IT! Then you can garden.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've been MIA lately, and I apologize for that. With family life and working on edits, I failed to devote the time needed to my Saturday blogs. :-( I thought I'd share a spicy snippet with you today from my soon to be released short story, Fairy Casanova. It's a short story in Decadent Publishing's 1NightStand series. Hope you enjoy!
Jace stopped in front of her and stared at her mouth. He knew many places he wanted those lips, but mostly he wanted them rounded on an orgasmic scream.

"I'm Jace."

She swallowed and cleared her throat, but her voice came out low and raspy. "Sadie."
He dipped his finger into the crystal glass she held poised below her chin. A fat droplet of liquor clung to his forefinger, and he spread it across her pouty bottom lip. Her eyes widened, and her breathing noticeably accelerated. As if prompted, her tongue swiped away the moisture, and his cock twitched in reaction.

"You're perfect. Stunning."
She laughed, a charming sound, as a blush crept across her cheeks. For the first time since beginning his adventure, he considered the horrible ramifications of falling hard for a human. Impossible! There wouldn't be enough time to grow attached to a one-night stand
. I sat for my first ink job...getting inked wasn't bad, nothing like I expected. It took about 3 hours to ink the entire tattoo and I could've sat longer, so definitely not bad. Here's the photo...the three skulls represent my 3 books (either published or soon-to-be published), the 3 roses represent my three guys (husband and two sons), the fairy represents the paranormal genre I love, and the words "Written from the Soul" is how I feel about my writing. Everything I write comes from my soul. Tell me what you think!

To SPICE things up a bit more, here's my spicy Saturday photo...Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a spicy Saturday!


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