Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interview with Lux Zakari!!

What made you decide to write in this genre?

It was never so much a decision as it was a natural draw. I find it impossible not to write about relationships, with all the good and the bad, and for the most part relationships concern sex in some capacity. I choose to be graphic with all the sexy details because I’m being graphic about everything else everyone is feeling or doing. It wouldn’t feel right for me to skimp there. Plus, it’s hot and fun!

Which character did you like writing the most? Why? Which character was the hardest?

Finale’s protagonist, Olivia Gray, was the most fun to write. I loved the opportunity to be so sarcastic and describe the world in such a dry, ridiculous, over-the-top way. Her growth was also really satisfying to chart, as was the decline of her secret paramour, the musician Jonathan Levant. Their relationship and dialogue felt very natural and easy to write. The children were definitely most difficult to write, as I don’t currently have kids of my own. Hopefully I succeeded in lending them a semblance of realism!

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Tell us a little about your writing process.

I definitely start out with a synopsis to get me going, but I don’t write in any specific order. Actually, I write in no order at all; I’ll start in the middle and sometimes write the end before the beginning. I just go with whatever idea is most vivid in my head—that ensures that at least something gets done!

Where did you get the idea for this book?

The inspiration for Finale may strike some readers as obvious, but it goes beyond the bare-bones concept of a music legend dying under sudden circumstances and leaving his three children behind. This isn’t the music legend’s story. I wanted to explore the idea of what the aftermath of his death would be like for all the parties involved, and I wanted to intersperse the story with a complicated love story providing evidence behind the decision to leave the children under the guardianship of a person who never thought of anyone but herself.

Did it require a lot of research? What was your favorite part of research?

My friend cracked me up recently; I was telling him how on some occasions, I try to be an unobservant as possible, and he was like, “You try to be unobservant? How are you a writer, man? ...Maybe that’s why you’re prolific; you’re just making shit up!” Generally, that’s what I do; I definitely just wing it if I have no idea what I’m talking about, and for the most part, I have little experience with some major themes of the story, such as fame and parenting. But the story did have to be grounded in realism, so whenever I would reach a point where I needed a fact or some realistic inspiration (i.e., when the Grammies took place, what kind of car was popular in 1985), I’d just type “XXXX” and go back later to fill those spots in.

Is there anything you'd like to share with readers?

In the near future, look for some happy endings – but know they won’t come easy!

# # #

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Into the Home Stretch

Well, here it is. The last fourth of the year. Autumn. The time of year when I take stock at what I've done and what I have coming up and realize I'm waaaaay behind.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fall. This crisp air, the comfy clothes. Fires in the fireplaces. Geez, it's enough to make me want to curl up in my favorite spot on the sofa with a good book. Oh, wait...I already do that. Except the book is mine and I'm trying like hell to finish it and get it sent into a publisher.

For some reason, I feel I haven't gotten as much done this year. However, when I look at the amount of releases I've had this year as opposed to former years, it's exactly the same. So, why does it seem that production is down if it's really stayed the same. Why do I feel as if the wheels are spinning and there is no traction? I know you've read me complain about this in the past...and I'll no doubt do it in the future. But how do I increase productivity when I'm already writing 5 books at a time?

The answer: I haven't the slightest idea in the heaven or earth how to do it. Granted, some of the books I've written this year are full lengths and not actually at pubs at the moment. I may not see a return on them for a few months. It takes a bit longer to write 2 90K novels than a few smaller ones and to get the ball rolling on them. That's fine. It's part of the job. Yet, I haven't had surgery this year like I did last, so there wasn't any real downtime...Oh, unless you count the four days my hubby and I spent bailing out our basement after the Great Flood of 2011 followed immediately by The Great Barbie Rescue of 2011. Trust me when I say it was a disaster of collectible proportions.

With any luck, now that I'm winding down on my second full length book and about to get that out the door within the next few weeks, I will be able to finish all the other ones on my plate and move on. I'd like to have a couple things go out the door in December or January. You know, end the yeat/start the year with something sitting on an editor's desk.

I will say this much for my 2012 plans-- I'm going to be cranking me out some hotter titles and while I'm at it, revist some worlds that aren't as hot, but sure sold like they were.

Until next week...keep those cards and letter coming.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Long Hood of the Law

Good must do whatever it takes

Casey and Bruce are assigned to investigate a paedophile ring in operation around Jadebrook. The victims are young, athletic teenage boys. Not only are these young men being photographed for the rings’ disturbed enjoyment, they are then murdered, their bodies dumped in the forest.

The paedophile ring must be stopped at all costs.

It’s up to Casey to find the leaders of the ring and all who they associate with before they strike for the eighth time. A major undertaking for all concerned, especially for Casey. He’s volunteered to go undercover, pose as a high school football jock. Thankfully, he’ll be backed up by the only man he trusts, his work partner Bruce.

But will that be enough?

Can Casey pull off his first undercover operation and stop the ring from grooming their next target? Or will he become a victim himself?


“What you laughing at, baby?” Casey offered casually, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“Some newbie twerp on this sports chat forum I’m on, that’s what. I mean, get a load of him, talk about desperate. He’s trying to crack onto whoever will reply to him.”

Casey sat up, bringing the recliner part of his chair back into its housing, disappointed he’d been distracted from the game, but at the same time, concerned about what Jason was seeing. “You mean there’s a bloke trying to score in there? On a Jadebrook Tigers fan forum?”

“Yeah, I mean, look at this.” Jason pointed to a line of text on his screen. “He’s plainly got no fuckin’ clue.”

Casey got up out of his chair, setting his beer down. He couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, chat room talk all looked the same to him. “Where?”

“Can’t you see?”

“No. Now show me before I take you into the bedroom and start spanking that sexy hide of yours, baby.”

Jason looked up, his expression lit with his obvious excitement at Casey’s little tease. “You can do that any time you like, Case. My arse is yours.”

Casey embraced him, and lavished kisses all over his face, concentrating on his plump lips. “Now you’d better show me before I miss the first half of the game.”

“Only if you promise to take complete advantage of me at half time.”

“You got yourself a deal.”

Jason smiled, victorious and alluring, before turning his attention back to the computer. “Well, for a start, look at the way he’s typing the words, it’s all proper and so obvious. It’s like he’s never texted a message in his life.”

Casey could see what Jason was talking about, and now that he had, he was surprised he missed it before. Even in chat rooms, most of the time everything was abbreviated to text speak or shortened forms of words at the very least. Sure, there were emoticons added, but most of the time it was straight to the point. People typed in such phrases as, see u 2mro or Ur hawt. Not so with the person who referred to himself as terryboi69. He typed in stuff like, I’m free for drinkz later. No wonder Jason laughed. When Casey thought about it, replacing S’s with Z’s didn’t make for very good internet forum speak.

“I have to say, he’s gaining a lot of attention.”

Jason snorted. “Yeah, probably from all the dudes who feel sorry for him.”

Casey could see at least three blokes this man was conversing with. Was that all part of his plan? To act dumb in the hope of catching himself a date. One lad in particular, referring to himself as, TigerFanRuben seemed to be taking more interest than the other two.

Then again, it was a sports forum, not the usual haunt for gay blokes wanting to get themselves a fuck. Casey would bet the man Jason laughed at was only trying to be social, especially as the game was on right now. Most of the talk in the chat room was about how the game was playing out, them cheering over the goals kicked and anything else football related, including substitutions and injuries.

“Seems harmless though,” Casey said, returning back to his chair, flicking the lever to recline it. “Looks like blokes sharing a common interest to me. I’m all for that.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Jason began typing. “But if you want some free drinks, let me know. I can get this terryboi dude to buy us some. He’s organised a piss up at his house over in lower Jadebrook at five o’clock, everyone’s welcome.”

Casey sipped on his beer. “He sure is generous then. But just so you know, at about that time I’m planning to fuck you good and hard.”

Jason let out a guffaw. “Wow, the game must be going well for the Tigers. I’ve never had an offer of a half time and full time session in the sack from you on a Sunday. How lucky am I?”

Before Casey could answer, to let his boyfriend know how dangerously close he was to getting his clothes ripped off, his cock sucked dry and his arse pounded with all the affection he could muster, the phone rang. He leant over and picked up the receiver. “Hello, Casey speaking,” he droned in his usual manner when answering the phone which rang in the middle of a football game and right when a goal was kicked to bring his team forty points into the lead.

“Hey, buddy, you busy?” Bruce asked.

“Other than watching the Tigers game and getting into my boyfriend later because he’s too damn sexy, not really. Why?”

“Well, keep your cock in your pants, buddy. Sarge has called an emergency meeting for tomorrow morning. We’re to report to him plain clothes…no uniforms.”

“No uniform? Damn, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know the details, but there was another young man found dead out in the Jadebrook forest this morning.”

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Plain Five!

I borrowed this from another blog and am adding my own spin on it. Here are some of my favorite things that start with the letter A.

1. Alexis- she is my daughter.
2. Ash- he is "the guy" I talk about occasionally.
3. A happily-ever-after - to a love story of course!
4. ARe Newsletter- I read it every time it hits my inbox!
5. Assisting the teacher- I work as a teacher's assistant for a 1st grade classroom and I loooove my job!

Don't Like:
1. Ant bites- I ride the bus and I won't even notice this little nasty bugs crawling over my feet until they start biting. It sucks bad.
2. Assignments- I'm so tired of being in school. I have 5 months left until I get my degree in paralegal studies.
3. Argumentative people- I had a big issue with that today. Why can't people just let others believe what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone? I just don't get it.
4. Adult Swim channel- my son just discovered the shows on this channel which I don't approve of.
5. Arizona summers- its in the middle of September and its still warm. I swear we have two seasons "Too damn hot" and "Not hot".

I'd love to hear about your favorite things! Feel free to share so I can have a chance to get to know you!

Wendy Ely

Monday, September 19, 2011

Deadly R&R is NOW AVAILABLE for .99!!!

Check out my new book trailer for Ruby Vines' debut novel, Deadly R&R! Available now for .99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble Worldwide!

~Spread Love,
Ruby Vines

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What are you watching, Wendy?

I love tv. My kids love tv. If you come into our apartment at most any time during the day or evening, our tv will be on. The television serves as background noise for me and I can actually concentrate better with the extra sound. I watch it when I write, read, do school work, and housework. When I get up in the a.m I have to watch (or listen to) the news while I drink my coffee or my morning doesn't feel complete.

My last movie date conversation when something like this: "I'm really sorry for taking you to a guy movie, Wendy". I told him it was fine. "No really. I shoulda brought you to see a chick flick instead of the action movie."

Okay so I admit I'm a girlie-girl. I love pink and all that jazz. Obviously I'm a romance author so I enjoy a happy ending. But really? If I had a choice of movie genres I would have to pick action or a good mystery. I don't watch tv shows like American Idol or Jersey Shore. No way. I loooove crime stuff and I don't mean the fake crime shows like CSI. I want the gritty true life shows from the ID channel or the biography channel. That stuff keeps me interested from beginning to end and never ever gets old. There are so many ideas I scribble down from watching that stuff and then twist into a love story.

So, my friends, what do you like to watch?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Interview with Elise Hepner

Today, I'm talking with my good friend Elise Hepner, whose Ellora's Cave Exotica Roped Emotions is about to release.

1) When you read a book, what draws you in to certain characters? What turns you off?

I really enjoy heroines with a huge self-deprecation problem, women who can admit they aren't perfect while still having a sense of humor about it. Sometimes the more cynical and sarcastic, the better. I gravitate towards strong attitudes on either side of the spectrum either through "screw you" attitudes or Meg Cabot's Size 14 Isn't Fat, sarcastic, chick-lit humor.

What can really turn me off about a character is an overly whiny attitude or when either hero or heroine are way to self-confidant. Heroes that order the heroine about because clearly they know everything--that drives me insane. I'm okay with a confidant, alpha hero but one who's pushy and super domineering makes me want to throw a book at the wall.

2) Have you ever been so struck by an idea that you had to sit down and write the story immediately?

That happens with almost every book idea I have. Luckily, I can write my idea on a scrap of paper and that keeps the creative knocking at bay until I can finish my current project and get to the new project. I think my favorite instance of this was when I sat down to write my Steampunk Novel a few months ago and I wrote 26k in a week. The story came really easily and it was a nice change to get so into it, all the time. Normally, my writing just flows naturally without me having to think about it, but this book really took me by storm until I couldn't eat or sleep because the words might leave me while I was otherwise engaged by an action that wasn't writing the book.

A lot of my short anthology submissions are written in a day, often in one sitting, from thought to final draft.

3) In retropspect are there any characters you wish you'd have written differently and why?

I find it's best not to think about past books in terms of what I could change only because it winds up getting me frustrated because making changes isn't possible until I get the rights back to that work. My writing has a really steep learning curve and I'm always picking up new ways of twisting words and building dialogue which means my books evolve all the time. If I thought about how I could have incorporated a cool idea that I learned this week in a manuscript that got turned in two months ago I think I would go crazy with insecurities.

4) Ever see a man or woman in public and thought, "Holy shit! They are so hot, I have to write about them?"

All the time! I am such a people watcher. I like to go to the mall near my house and just watch people outside the local Starbucks while I drink my caffeinated deliciousness. I try to be covert about it but I'm sure some people think I'm a weird stalker. But people are so unique and fun. I've never really had to make up a character's look from just the images in my head because I can find some feature to tack on there to make it yummy.

Rapunzel is trapped by the harsh, inescapable reality of her prison, so she builds vivid sexual fantasies where she has full control and no one can take it away. If nothing else, at least she has command over her thoughts.

When Prince Samuel climbs into her tower it’s a small, satisfying excuse to break the rules—until his gentle touch coaxes out her trust. But it’s not enough. No longer can she keep her dark, sexual secrets inside. Rapunzel yearns for rough, passionate sex—a way to unlock her sensual freedom for good.

Vulnerable but unable to turn back, Rapunzel leads Prince Samuel on an intimate journey to define their sexual limits while twisting their definitions of control forever.


“What in Christ’s name…”

I must be hearing echoes from the town nearby, where Mother sells her herbs and braided goods. No one ventures this far toward my tower because Mother’s gone to great lengths to see that they don’t—bear traps are her new favorite method of discouragement. Once one life is claimed, I imagine word spreads fairly quickly to stay away from the area. Why then are there hoof beats that make my head pulse with a slight pain?

There’s no understandable excuse I can delude myself with any longer. Before I can focus on the consequences, I swing my head out the window into the oppressive, humid summer air. Just the very top of his head is visible, his hair brushing past his cheekbones, glowing from the sunshine and shot through with gold. Never have I seen a color so close to my own before—not that I see many people.

For a few moments I can’t quite come to terms with his presence and it’s not for a lack of staring that my pulse inevitably echoes inside my head like an overbeaten drum. This is my chance. Mother won’t be back for quite some time with her wares. He’s circling the tower, slouched over a horse who looks a bit like a nag. Certainly not a proper horse for a man with such fine clothes in gorgeous colors and sumptuous fabrics.

There’s no going back from this moment. It’s a certainty that makes my teeth chatter in a wash of cold fear, despite the heat, and my hands clasp around my middle as I try to hold myself together. He hasn’t looked up yet, more intent on studying the free-standing structure than noticing my shadow plastered across the grass. My mind is desperately working out what I’ll cry out to him. Even as my throat closes with an infusion of happiness that makes me rock on my feet.

“Excuse me?” A tentative question I’m not sure he will hear because it can’t be any louder than a frightened whisper. “Sir, you’re really not supposed to be here.”

Somehow, I’ve managed to make this part louder because he glances up—and his slack-jawed expression is a blow to my chest. He possesses the most gorgeous cobalt blue eyes. Underneath my ribs, the pain grows until taking a full breath is hard. Mother is right, he hasn’t even overcome his shock as my heavy plait of hair rests down the stone side of my prison. He’s not to be trusted.

What am I thinking? He won’t even come near me to aid my escape and his eyes are swamped in confusion—and there’s a flash of unreadable emotion that I refuse to question. He must leave here now and I must somehow convince him to bring no one back with him. I won’t be paraded around for anyone’s amusement. This man has made a mistake coming here.

Yet, there’s still a part of me that grips the windowsill until my palms are numb and that clings to the hope that he will at least acknowledge me. So long since I’ve had any kind of normal conversation. One that didn’t revolve around my hair, my rules or my mother’s day. Won’t he say anything? I’m as trapped by his thick silence as I am by the beauty of his face.

“Please, you must go and tell no one about what you’ve seen. You shouldn’t have ignored the traps. They are there for a reason.”

I don’t know how I’ve gotten that all out because my main focus lies on the foreign stirrings of heat in my cheeks as the pulsing sensation twists lower in my abdomen. What is happening to me? With a certainty that surprises me, I find myself clenching my thighs together, only to have the subtle touch of flesh-on-flesh be more than I can bear. He has yet to take his gaze from mine and a shudder slips up my spine.

“How long have you been here?” His voice carries the strain I hold back and I’m slightly put at ease that at least we are on similar ground. “Who did this to you?”

“For a man who is about to leave, I don’t believe it matters.”

The words barely tumble out of my mouth before I clamp my hand over my lips. I hadn’t meant to be so harsh and instantly regret it. He is so handsome—and these sudden urges, they are overwhelming and confusing to the point where I wish to completely remove the problem. My lips part in an apology and I watch a jovial grin span from ear to ear as he laughs at me until I can’t hear anything but the frantic beat of my heart.

Who is this man? Now he stares at me with a playfulness that washes a wave of goose bumps across my flesh. He doesn’t seem offended, merely amused at my suggestion that he leave. To further that fact, he quickly dismounts and ties his horse to a nearby tree branch. While I can only stare at the way his tight riding boots and breeches hug his muscular body from his calves all the way up to his perfectly rounded buttocks.

Though I’d learned of desire from my mother—and all its wicked principles—I never expected it to rear its head in my lonely, simple world.

However, now my life spirals out of control quickly enough that I tilt back against the wall to my left and watch with trembling hands. This mysterious man climbs the wall of my tower as if it had been built to be climbed so easily—without any aid from my hair. One strong, sun-kissed hand and booted foot at a time. When he offers up his hand to me to pull him over the side, what choice do I have? Even a man that strong would eventually grow tired and plummet to his death—and I want him tucked close to my body, not on the ground.

“I was beginning to wonder what it took to get some assistance.”

He softly grunts and clasps my hand hard enough that I gasp as I shift my weight to pull him over the side. Muscles I didn’t know existed inside me burn with sharp pain from disuse because of my isolation. His touch radiates heat all along my arm. If it wasn’t for his precarious situation, I would fight to pull away on instinct—but as it is, he manages to throw himself into my home with as much grace as a charging boar—and he trips, falling on top of me and sending us to the hard, stone floor.
His surprisingly soft hand brushes the hair out of my face and lingers, gently stroking, down my cheek. Should I be frightened? Probably. At the moment I can’t bear the thought that my first sincerely gentle touch from a man would be anything but special. His sharp leather scent surrounds my tingling skin.

“Isn’t this a day for surprises?” His gaze cuts through all the fear inside me and his mouth holds the subtle curve of a half smile. “I should move myself off you, this isn’t proper at all when we’ve barely been introduced.”

Yet he doesn’t move an inch.

A realization whips through my mind and would have left me on the floor if I wasn’t already pinned there by a gorgeous man who touches me with such reverence I might weep. When will this happen again? After this twisted, meandering path of fate, there is no doubt I will be alone again—and I want a loving memory to cling to at night when my old fears tighten my chest until I can’t breathe. This is a choice I can make for myself. And I won’t live the rest of my ordinary, sheltered life not knowing true passion when it burns across my skin.

“They call me Rapunzel.”


His inviting smile lights up my whole world.

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Thank you, Elise for stopping by and sharing this fun and sexy twist on a fairytale.


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WIN a copy of Deep-seated Passion

AJ of BlackRaven's Erotic Cafe is giving away a copy of my latest book, Deep-seated Passion. Winning is easy. Just leave your comment and you'll have a chance to read my book for free.

Deep-seated Passion
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Tierney O'Malley

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mean People

So my birthday was on my Monday and I had planned on blogging (with pictures included!), but my camera didn't work so no pictures were taken. Besides the camera issues, I scrapped the blog idea for a topic much more important: Mean People!

One of my author friends called me recently. She was terribly upset because someone had bashed both her and her books on the Internet. During a Google search, she had found the post that ripped her apart.

"Why are people mean?" she asked me over the phone. I wanted to sit there and call the author of the blog nasty names to defend my friend. I wanted to sooth her hurt feelings and make her feel better. I didn't call anyone names but I did try to ease her hurt. While doing so, I thought about why people don't like certain books or whatever.

Have you ever watched a movie and the main character reminded you of someone you know? I did. I love the movie The Waitress. I love the story line, most of the characters, even the main actress is one of my faves, but I cringe every single time the main character's husband appears on the screen. You see, the husband in the movie looks exactly like a guy who used to beat on my relative. It hits to close to home for me. If I was more sensitive, I'd probably hate the movie just because that one actor.

Back to books... I once had a new critique partner. She started reading Confessions and couldn't get past the first chapter. She sent back a nasty note with my manuscript that went something like: Wendy, it is impossible for people to sell their babies. It just doesn't happen. You won't ever sell this book to a publisher and I'm not going to critique it for you. I was pissed and wanted to ask her if she ever watched Lifetime because damn it, people do sell their babies. It isn't legal but since when do laws stop some people? Never. Just so you know, my mom was sold as a toddler and Confessions is #1 bestseller for romantic suspense on my publishers site! Anyway, I later found out that my new critique partner couldn't stand my story because it hit way too close to her own life. The stuff going on in my book reopened issues she had in her life.

I explained all that to my friend. Sure, the person didn't like her book and we don't know why since it is taboo to comment to negative posts. Something in my friend's novel might have struck a nerve with the poster of the blog. Maybe one of the characters reminded her of someone she once knew. My friend needed to just brush off the fact that the blogger didn't like her book.

What wasn't acceptable is the crap she talked about my friend. We never know when someone we talk about is going to read our blog so why should we make comments like "I would rather die than read anything from that author again" (that wasn't what was said. I made that statement up). I think that is a lot worse than saying, "I didn't like such and such in the book because..."

There is a difference between stating your opinion in a respectful way and being mean. So, my friends, that is all for this Wednesday! Have a great evening and I will talk to you soon.

Wendy Ely

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Damn....Men

I've been on a tear lately. For some reason, I've had multiple m/m storylines come to me. Being the writer I am who let's the story dictate the romance...I'm going with it. This is a unique challenge for me since I've only had a few m/m romances in the background or as secondary characters in other books. (One of which was very sexy-hot but I haven't finished the book yet so it is still on my hard drive.)It was that heat generated by the simple act of the characters' mere touches or how the related to each other that made me realize I might be able to pull this off. After all, love does change no matter who the participants are - the emotions are still the same. The choreography of the love scenes will just be slightly different. Oh, and perhaps the whole pronoun confusion aspect, but I've not had a hard time with that on menages, so I'm thinking I'll be all right. (Keeping positive always helps, I find.) And if I can't seem to get something right, I always have several friends who write m/m who can direct me. So it's all good.

So, for my fans who are she taking this new turn and staying in that sub-genre? The answer is no. These are very specific projects where the characters determined the gender configuration and it was completely out of my hands. Also, for two of the books, I just don't think m/f would work right.

I'm so excited by these projects that I can't wait to work on them. One is a 20K contemporary set on an island off the coast of Brazil. So hot!!! The other two are fantasies; one a novella and the other a novel length. I'm hoping to have the two novellas done and out the door by Christmas. (One is for a special call at one of my pubs so it has a deadline and must be out...I have no choice in the matter.) So far, both books are coming along very nicely and I'm pleased with the results.

That is my "pushing my writing boundaries" project for this year. Do you have any? If you do, what are they?


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deep, hot, sizzling,'s love, baby!




Aaron Hawke is a successful engineer, an overachiever, fiercely independent and cautious man. After eight years of being away, he comes home only to learn that his ex-fiancĂ©e who stabs his heart and left love’s bitter taste in his mouth is living and working in his grandfather’s mansion. Aaron quickly decided that she must leave. However, his grandfather’s will has made things complicated—Bronwyn can only leave when she has paid her debt.

Bronwyn Flaherty, a down-to-earth, honest, faithful chatelaine and utterly broke, is miserable. Aaron wants her to pay her debt or start packing. With her hands tied behind her back, she comes up with a solution—sex.

Bronwyn’s bold offer shocks Aaron, but he accepts it. He will use her whenever he gets a chance. Payback time. But two weeks into their agreed one month contract, he’s become entangled in his own seductive game.

Magolescence available now from All Romance eBooks!

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