Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Condoms in Romances?

Let's talk about sex for a few. Okay, the condoms involved (or not!) with the sex.

The couple has been through all of their drama stuff: sexual tension between the two, outside issues, internal issues (its a romance, of course!) and finally decided to come together. It might be rip-my-clothes-off-and-take-me-now
kind of sex that is filled with so much fire and passion it could burn the building down. Or might be the take-your-time-and-discover-every-part-of-me kind of sex. Both are great and work well in romances. So we get the characters to this scene. They are kissing, touching, yearning for each other. One character pulls out a condom or mentions the use of one. Do you think it ruins the scene? Takes away from the fantasy and sensuality that romance novels bring?

I don't remember adding condom use in any of my books, but I've read some of my favorite author's books that have included condoms. The scenes were done with class and only a few words were added to show that the sex was protected. I didn't mind a bit because it fit with the character's personality. I do think the action of pulling out a condom or denying the other sex would throw me off if the character had been some careless risk taker unless he/she were paranoid of having kids.

So what do you think? Condoms or no condoms? I think I might want to add one in a book somewhere to mix things up a bit. Hm, something to think about for sure.

Wendy Ely


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

I work condoms into love scenes. Being in the health care industry, having unprotected sex with two people who are almost or pratically strangers really kind of puts me off-- unless it's a paranormal. I can go with it then. Historicals and fantasy/sci-fi also. But contemps. Yeah, gotta have them- though I have written one where they don't, but the characters used to be married. Even if it's only a line or a passing mention I think it's realistic. I know, I know...even in contemps we're selling the fantasy of falling in love. There are certain pubs who demand it, so it's not always up to the author, but a house standard.

Given that, I think my scenes where the characters have used condoms added to the sensuality of the moment. I usually have the woman place it on for her lover...there is much caressing and stroking involved and it becomes part of the foreplay- and who doesn't like more of that? : )

Tierney O'Malley said...

I always use condoms in my sex scenes. Like Kat said, it is house standard. I don't think it ruins the scene at all, but heightened the anticipation. :)

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