Thursday, September 20, 2012

“Christmas In October”

Books galore, and many other prizes are being given away and you could be the winner!

 Stop by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the whole month of October.

Check out the fabulous books being showcased on those days and comment.

Your name goes into the “hat” every time you comment!

The winner will be drawn on November 1!


Here are the talented authors involved!

Kathy Rygg Nancy Bell Margaret Fieland
Juls Duncan Gail Picado Tierney O’Malley
Susan Royal Roseanne Dowell Madeleine McLaughlin
Diana DeCameron Jessica Tornese Larrianne
Jane Richardson Sharon Willett John Roseman
Cheryl Carpinello Andrea Buginsky K C Sprayberry
Kate Collins Michael Sussman Kim Dahl
James Hatch Lorrie Struiff Michael Thal
Penny Estelle Ellen Ben-Sefer Meredith Houston
Lianne Simon Margay Leah Justice Vicki Batman
Heather Haven Devon Ellington Lisa Lickel
Rebecca Ciardullo Killarney Sheffield Lisa Lickel
Justin Robinson Alix Richards Barbara E
Barbara E Carl Brush Rosemary Gemmell
Jo Ramsey Emma Ramos Amy McCorcle
Sara Benefit Billi Wagner Leah Beth Rhyne
Mike Arsuaga Kelly Whitney Kim Wehner


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