Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mark Alders New Shiny Website

It's official: I have my own website (still tinkering with it so feedback would be most welcome. There is lots of stuff I still want to put onto it, but my main goal was to have a clean easy to read website) There will be lots of give-a-ways and heaps of interactive stuff included, too. I'm so excited to finally have my OWN website *grin*

There is a blog attached to this site, too, and all content will now be posted at this new 'official' site. My wordpress, tumblr and LJ account will be consolidated onto my new website. php

Click on the blog and enter my halloween competition. You have a chance of winning any one of my books :-)

I am still on twitter, so friend me

http://twitter. com/Markalders

Thanks all


Tierney O'Malley said...

Awesome, Mark. How's the writing going?


Mark Alders said...

Good good! Getting geared up for Nano this year. I want to write my next book in a month :-)



Gracen Miller said...

Awesome website, Mark!

I'm thinking about doing Nano too. A bit grandoise of me since I have a legal brief to write at the same time, but maybe it'll keep me focused on my writing too.


Anonymous said...

Why, thank you, Gracen! I added your link to my blogroll, too!

Us authors gotta stick together :-)

*hugs in return*


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