Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sex with A Vampire!

As Halloween approaches, my mind and dreams are filled with vamps making love. Reminds me of Chass and Vex from Nocturnally Vexed.

Chass nodded as she started down a well worn trail. Something called to her, but
she wasn’t sure what. The sun shone through two overlapping clouds, lighting the
tangled trees of Nunhead. They entered one of the oldest sections, where vines hugged
the wide trunks, winding all the way to the scattering arms of branches, creating a soft carpet for all the chattering squirrels skittering about in the chilly morning air. Vex followed her, instinctively knowing where she was headed. He’d had a premonition. His mouth curved into a smile as the cottage came into view. Nestled deep within a grove of ancient oaks, the abandoned cemetery keeper’s home called to them. Twigs, leaves and grass spurted from the gutters, sturdy bird’s nests, lined in metal. Vines had overtaken the doorway and windows, shutting out almost all sunlight. A lopsided, rotting wooden porch creaked when Chass stepped onto it and tried the knob.

“Hey, where’re you going, my lady?”

“Do you think anyone’s home?” she joked. She knew as well as Vex that the
cottage had been abandoned for years. It was in desperate need of repair on the outside, but when Vex managed to force it open with one solid kick of his boot, they both gasped.

Inside, a fire roared in the corner. A tea kettle whistled on the stove and a lovely
bed was dead center in the middle of a room, an oddity for sure. There was only one
room. Candles lined the fireplace mantle and the place looked as though a maid had just swept through. Vex chuckled. He guessed his mother was behind this and he’d be right too. She was conjuring magic from beyond the grave to entice his soon to be bride into his arms. They’d already made love in Xurath, though Chass still believed it to be a dream. He’d shifted during the night, left his jail cell and ran as a black cat through the streets of London. No one would suspect a stray as an accused escape killer. If he’d known Jack’s recent killing would free him the next day, he might have waited, but he didn’t want to risk it. Chass’s virgin status put her in grave danger and he needed to do something about it. Now he was determined to repeat the so called sex dream and make it a reality for her.

“How cozy!” Chass cooed.

“Hmm, very,” Vex agreed.

“Vex, did you arrange this? You sly devil, you!”

He decided to go with it. He already had so much explaining to do. The truth
would come out sooner or later. Right now all he could think of was ravishing his
betrothed again and again. “Guilty as charged!”

“How sweet! However did you manage it?” Chass asked as Vex closed the door
behind them, shutting out most of the daylight, leaving them in wavering candle glow
and flickering firelight. The tea kettle stopped whistling on its own, but Chass never noticed.

Chass curled her arms around Vex’s neck and smiled up at him. “I missed
you,” she whispered.

“I missed you more.”

“I had a dream about you.”

“Mmmm … so you said, my love. So you said,” he growled as he scooped her
into his arms and carried her to the bed.

“Oh, Vex?”


“The telepathic thing. That’s real isn’t it?”

“Indeed.” He lay beside her and kissed her once, fully on the lips. Chass looked
up at him, studying his dark face. His hair hung over his right shoulder, dipping into her cleavage. Her nipples hardened.

“It was fun. Where’d you learn to do it?” she asked.

“I was born with it,” Vex explained easily, bending down for another kiss. He
was already hard, ready to take her now.

“Can we do that all the time?” Chass asked, more interested in his telepathic
abilities than sex at the moment.

“Whenever you want, love,” Vex answered, growing more frustrated by the

“Do your brothers share this unique gift?” Chass asked innocently.

“Hell no!” Vex lied. He didn’t want Chass in their heads or her in any of theirs.

Chass laughed. She didn’t believe him. Vex silenced her questions with a
searing kiss, molding his mouth to hers and sucking every last bit of breath out of her, on purpose, an old bloodsucker technique. He broke the seal and Chass came up gasping, incredibly turned on. Her green eyes shimmered like a burning spring meadow as she pulled him to her, grasping a handful silky, black hair, begging him to do it again. He took the hint, sucking her dry, and then blowing some of her own breath back into her lungs in one long drag. He could feel her lungs fill up beneath him and felt her smile curve beneath his kiss. She chuckled. He grumbled out a short laugh himself, teasing her with a few more short blowing breaths. She gasped for air and chuckled some more.

“Is that how you get all the ladies to shut up?”

“No, just you, Miss Chatter Box. Chass?”

Chass raised one thin brow.

“Will you just shut up and make love to me?”

A stream of happiness wound its way through her overheated body and curled
itself around her beating heart.

“My lips are zipped,” she whispered.

Vex growled again and took her in her arms, rolling her over, slipping her wool
skirt over her ankles in one swift movement. She wore ivory stockings attached to a
black, lacy garter belt. His mouth watered at the sight. “Damn, Chass, you are one sexy dame!”

Chass only smiled back as she shook off her sweater and unbuttoned her blouse to
reveal the matching lace bra. Vex lost it. He let out a howl that sent Chass reaching for her clothes, turning a deathly white. She stared at him wide-eyed. That was no man pretending to howl like a wolf. It was a damn wolf howl, straight from the throat of a hungry animal. Vex couldn’t help it. He hadn’t intended to howl like that, but Chass really brought out the animal in him. He wanted nothing more than to shift into a wolf and have his way with her. He went to her.

“Baby, I’m sorry. Did I scare you?”

Chass only nodded like a scared little mouse.

“I learned that in college. Sounds real, huh?”

“Blimey, Vex! That was the most realist wolf sound I’ve ever heard! Are you
sure you aren’t a werewolf?” She tried to make a joke out of the awkward moment.

Damn! Yes, I’m a werewolf, a bloodsucker or any other animal you can think of.
She didn’t have a reaction when I’d told her the other night.

Of course, Chass still believed their visit to Xurath to be a very realistic dream. Vex would have to explain his heritage to her soon enough. “I promise, I won’t eat you for breakfast, now come here,” he ordered with a pretend, manly sounding growl, on purpose, just for effect to show her he really was only a man.

Chass smiled weakly. Vex pulled his sweater over his head and kicked off his
jeans. This time it was Chass who wanted to howl. His muscles in the flickering
candlelight rippled. She licked her lips. She was wet in two seconds flat. She’d never wanted a man like this. Never. He simply oozed with sex appeal. Heady, drunk lust flooded her entire being. Once again she felt intoxicated. All she could think of was of becoming one with this great hunk of a man. Nothing else mattered. All sad thoughts of Tabitha had been washed away. Vex unfastened her bra and held both breasts in his hands from behind. Chass closed her eyes.

Vex spoke to her in his mind. Oh, Chass, you’re so beautiful. Chass answered
him. Take me, Vex. I’ve never wanted another man. You are the first and you’ll be the

Vex flipped her over and unfastened her garter belt in two quick snaps. He didn’t
bother to take off the stockings or the panties. He rolled on top of her while the fire crackled, sizzled and popped. The rest of the world was shut out from them both. With one thick, steadied hand he pulled the thin crotch of her panties to the side and dove inside. Chass gasped, her eyes opening wide. One second of quick pain and then incredible pleasure engulfed her. It was glorious. His warmth filled her as he began to pump into her, pummeling her with wicked desire, born hundreds of years before, made for just the two of them. All inhibitions were gone. Chass curled her long legs around him and placed her hands on his firm behind, pushing him in further. He was still being too gentle and she wanted it rough this time. Needed it rough. Hunger ate its way through her. She had to be fed. Vex screamed. All that velvet warmth, hugging him, surrounding him. His mind began fading to long beams of white light as trickles of unbearable delight rocked through him.

“Chass, Chass!”

“Fuck me, Vex! Please, oh ... please ... baby ... harder! Fuck me!” Chass
panted and groaned, bit and licked at his mouth, his chest, his nipples.

Vex sat up to get a tighter angle, pulling her to him. Her head snapped to his,
staring straight through to his soul, wanting to claim it, be a part of it, be his. He pushed her hips into his with both hands on her black panties and dove deeper still. Chass screamed, throwing her head back in ecstasy. Her breasts beat against his chest with each thrust. She held on tight, clawing at his shoulders with long nails, never wanting the ride to end. Vex pulled her by the hair. She let out a moan as her neck fell to the side, exposing a blue vein, pumping wildly in the midst of lustful passion.

He couldn’t resist. He never even gave it a thought when he bit into her, sinking his long canines into her delicate, powder white flesh. Chass’s eyes flew open in horror. Tears streamed down her face. She was unable to scream as the life drained from her. Vex drank his fill, ever the bloodsucker beneath the surface. She was half dead, slumped into his arms when he realized the beast had taken over. In one quick movement, he pulled his two-inch dagger like teeth out of the bleeding holes along her tender neck. He screamed out loud and in his head. Screamed for his mother, his father and all four brothers to come, then he buried his face into her neck and held her dying body.

Vampire Sex Rocks!

Until next week...carpe nocturne!


Tierney O'Malley said...


Your images gave me the chills. I am a scaredy cat! LOL hey, nice post. Thanks for sharing. Sorry, I've been absent for....don't know. There are so many things going on in my life that writing and socializing drop down to the bottom of my list. :( sad, huh?

Mark Alders said...

Awesome post again, Alisha! You are a star!



Alisha Paige said...

I've missed you, Tierney. I KNOW how life can get in the way. I've barely written since Benjamin was born and he'll be 2 in December..sigh...such is the life of a writer. Hope your life frees up a bit. Hugs!

You are so sweet! Thank you! Wow...you really made me smile, mate!


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