Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming Soon....Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen~Book I

On the edge of civilization, there is a place called Circle City, Alaska. The last town before the Yukon Flats gives way to frigid desolation. When Zoe O'Brien, a secluded widow, kills a crazed mother wolf and saves the only cub from sure death, she ignites a war between the Wolfen Clan and the Kontar Clan. The wolf people have been enemies of the dog people for centuries and the cub she takes in is heir to the Wolfen throne. Taken prisoner by the Wolfen for murder and kidnapping, Zoe is forced to see and do things with creatures she never knew existed, held against her will in a world she both desires and fears.

Excerpt from Circle City
The guard busted in again. “Come on, Wolfie. You’re on.” The bastard sneered. He held the door open for her with a fat cigar jabbed between his meaty fingers. Rosemary waved the smoke away with her hand as she ducked beneath his arm.
The chanting was now a drum beat of male’s voices. Her head hurt. She fought the rage building within her.
“Wolf girl! Wolf girl! Wolf girl!”
The guard walked her to the back of the stage and pointed to a long wall of silver streamers.
The entrance to the stage.
She peered around the corner of the waving streamers and saw a sea of dog men, all of them with short, cropped hair, pumping fists wildly. There was a giant cloud of smoke hovering above the crowd. She coughed. And the place stunk of rum. She had no idea the dogs were into island drinks. Odd.
“Go on, Wolfie.” The guard chuckled and gave her a shove forward.
She stumbled in her three inch heels and walked toward the streamers.
Oh holy Seraphina, protect me.
Tossing her blazing red hair behind her, she walked through the streamers, feeling each one tickle her shoulders and then fall off, reminding her there was no turning back. The crowd went wild. The dogs rose to their feet, hooting and hollering, whistling so high she had to shake her head several times. Didn’t that hurt their damn ears as much as hers?
Nickleback’s Rock Star blasted over the speakers. Her heart thumped in her chest as she danced over to the pole and jiggled her ass.
Totally clueless. With both hands, she grabbed the pole and swung herself around. Hey, this wasn’t so hard. She arched her back, kicked her leg into the air and tossed her head. The men went wild. Blazing hot lights heated her skin in an instant. Sweat trickled between her breasts. She licked her lips when a drop threatened to fall from them. Just that one move had them whistling that damn insane high pitch again. She grimaced and shook her head, pressing her hands onto her ears. The whistling grew louder, piercing her eardrum, stabbing her brain until she thought she’d scream. She turned to run off stage and just when she headed for the wall of streamers, she saw two dog men standing there, their beefy arms crossed, shaking their heads no.
She heard a loud pop. Wet warmth filled her ear. She screamed, fell against the stripper pole and slid down, her legs falling into splits. The dog crowd howled and whistled like mad. She squeezed her eyes shut. Just when she thought she’d die from the mind numbing whistles piercing her like icicles to the brain, it all stopped. She felt the vibrations of footsteps on the stage before she heard them. Dread washed over her. What could silence the crowd like that? A crowd of drunken, horny Kontar weren’t easily controlled or so she thought.
The footsteps stopped at her side. She knew someone was standing there but she was too afraid too look. And her brain was still buzzing, recovering from the whistle torture. The blazing spotlights were shadowed. From beneath her closed lids, she knew a figure was hovering over her.


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