Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I did it!

Guess what? I sent out two submissions this month. Dang, it has been forever since I've been focused on writing and it feels great! Okay, so the first book needs some stuff added for it to fit into the publisher's line. I'm working on that part of it. The other book is a paranormal romance novella titled Dreaming of Him. Lyrical Press contracted it! I, my friends, are on cloud 9.

Here is a secret for only you (wink): I don't read paranormal. I don't write paranormal. I only watch paranormal movies when my daughter forces me to. So how the heck did a write a paranormal? You see, my daughter came up with a great idea. We'd write the book together. We got as far as plotting the thing when she decided she couldn't let me read her writing. "You're an author," she said that day, "and I'm not." I decided then that I would write the book for her.

The scheduled release date is January 2012. This one means more to me than any other because my daughter hasn't read any of it yet. I will let her read it when the book is totally finished with the edits.

Anyway, talk to you soon!

Wendy Ely


Danne Cole said...

Wendy that is so awesome!!! Congrats! :)

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