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Stephanie Williams is in the House!!

Author Stephanie Williams has a new release!!! Stephanie is an interesting gal and lists her likes as classical music, opera and calls herself a history buff. Reading is her passion and she reads at least a book a week. She's even celebrated Christmas with shrimp on the Barbie Down Under! On top of all of that, she's a writer, a full-time business owner and a medical facility Purchasing Agent. Wow! How does she find the time to write too?

So, take a peek at her releases...For Research Purposes Only releases TODAY!!

Stephanie Williams

(Stephanie Williams at an E-book signing)

Janet Harrison is the number-one reporter at Channel Ten News. She is also the go-to woman for every mobster in Chicago. She’s their mouthpiece. When they’re ready to snitch, they come to her and she is more than willing to listen—anything to put the big fish behind bars.

And she got a big fish: Salvatore “The Lip” Valinci. She also got herself in a whole lot of trouble. She stands before Judge Fernando Gonzales, in contempt of court for not revealing her sources. But that’s not the only trouble she’s in.

Judge Gonzales has had his eye on the beautiful, defiant reporter for some time. Contempt of court is small potatoes: Judge Gonzales wants to punish her in more ways than one.
Soon, “The Lip” is released on a technicality, and wants to even the score. If they work together, Janet and Fernando may survive the threat of death, but can they survive their unconventional relationship?

Stephanie Williams House Arrest


“Does your client refuse to talk?” he asked Mr. McCaffy.

Tom McCaffy, the latest big-shot attorney from Riechchile, Williams, Reese, Johnson and Smith, claimed the title of mob lawyer with pride. Gonzales could tell by the look on his face that Janet Harrison was making him work harder than any mobster could.

“Oh, come on, Your Honor. You know the drill. She can’t rev—”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. But you and I have an obligation to this court, as you well know. And I know, you know, she knows who squealed, so it’s up to me to find out.”

“You’re wasting your time,” she huffed, talking out of turn. She then made a show of staring at her watch. “Look, I have a hair appointment. Can I go?”

Oh no she didn’t! She’d just looked straight at him as if talking to one of her girlfriends.

“Uh…Your Honor, what my client is trying to say is that it’s late, and if we can continue this at a later date, maybe by then—”

“I know what I meant!” she snapped at McCaffy.

“Please!’ McCaffy said, hitting her side.

Janet Harrison: Hellcat. And Fernando loved it. But her mouth just got her into more trouble than any mob boss ever could.

He held his breath and counted to ten in Spanish. When he looked back over the courtroom, she stood there grinning at him. She knew what she was doing. Or did she?

Stephanie Williams


Lacy Cunningham prides herself on being a prolific writer in the romance and erotica industry. However, for the first time, she’s stumped by her latest project—a ménage à trois. She’s doing everything to help get her creative juices flowing, from reading others works, buying non-fiction books on the subject to renting DVDs—everything short of participating in the act itself.

Her boyfriend, Marty and Jerry, her first crush from college, are more than willing to help her with her research. With Jerry arriving in town for vacation, Marty mentions the possibility of a ménage à trois, and Lacy mulls over taking her studies a bit further. But it’s going to take a lot of prodding on the guys’ part before she actually indulges in that kind of research.


The teakettle went off just as Marty spoke. Maybe the sound of the whistle confused her, but she must have heard him correctly.

“You better tend to that.” She pointed toward the stove.

“Of course.” He got up and removed the kettle from the burner.

She watched him pour water into their cups. The smell of raspberry scented the air. He brought the cups over to the nook and sat back down.

“Now, where were we?” he asked.

“You said you meant to make the connection between my story and Jerry, in so many words.”

“Yeah. How do you feel about that?”

“You mean an actual threesome. Marty, I thought you and I had something.”

“We do. I love you. Would this question be a problem if the threesome included Jerry?”

Good question. Jerry had to be the sexist man on the planet, next to Marty, of course. When Jerry walked into a room, women and some men’s jaws dropped. Tall like Marty, his presence took one’s breath away. Where Marty had long, dark hair, Jerry’s was medium length and a deep golden honey color. She’d never seen anything like it.

His gray, soulful eyes made you melt. His lips begged for you to touch, kiss, and even lick them. When he smiled, his cheekbones became even more prominent. And he had a voice like a sultry caress. He could be talking about the weather and it made her panties wet.

Oh, God. She realized that she’d been paying way too much attention to Jerry. But she couldn’t still be attracted to him like that. Could she? She just found him attractive, two different things. Right?


Marty’s voice snapped her to attention. “Huh?”

“You were thinking about Jerry, weren’t you?” He smirked.

Damn! There he goes again. “Um…just thinking about this book.”

“The hell you were.” Marty took a gulp of tea. “Come on, Lacy, we’ve never kept secrets from each other. It’s okay if you find Jerry attractive. It’s okay if you feel a little something for him still. It’s okay if you think about both him and me—with you.”

Lacy had her cup to her lips, about to take a sip, when she stopped. “You’re kidding?”

“No. It’s only natural. Look, you’re writing a book on threesomes. I tell you that our mutual friend is coming by, a mutual friend who happens to be attractive to every straight woman on earth according to your friend Edith.”

Lacy had to snicker at that. Edith did make it a point to let Jerry know the sun rose and set with him.

“I’m not upset, if that’s what’s worrying you,” Marty continued.

“I’m not worried…anymore. I’m more confused now.” Confused? What an understatement.

“Understandable. The man you’ve been dating for some time just told you he’s not ticked you’re thinking of another dude, a mutual friend at that.”


Marty reached over and took her hand, sending an electrical pulse to her soul. Pair that with his mesmerizing glare and she’d have sex with him in Times Square with the CNN news cameras going. Did adding Jerry to the mix make it any different?

“We can talk about this later. Jerry won’t be here for a couple of days.”

“You’re serious.” She couldn’t believe it.

“I didn’t actually offer Jerry to you, or agree to anything. I’m just letting you know I understand if you have, let’s say, unconventional thoughts about the three of us.” Marty got up with his tea and left the room.



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