Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Almost 1600 Ebooks Sold!!!!

In four short months, I've sold close to 1600 ebooks at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords!

My paranormal romance, Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen is currently a bestseller in the UK!!! As of this writing, it is #22 across the pond! It has hit the bestseller's list several times in the US as well. The Hour Glass Witch has also hit the bestseller's list in the US and the UK!

The best thing about living the Indie Dream is that I have total control over creativity, cover art, release dates and price! And the second best thing is that the Gatekeepers are MY WONDERFUL READERS. Not agents. Not editors who give us what they think we want to read. Readers. Readers decide what they want to read. They spread the word.

Indie = Freedom for both author and reader! The best of two worlds!!!!

A big thank you to all my readers in the US, the UK and my one lonely reader in Germany!! Where are you? I'd love to hear from you! I answer each and every fan letter! Write me at alishapaigewilson@yahoo.com.

I hope all my friends in the US had a wonderful 4th of July!

~Spread Love,


Minx Malone said...

Wow, congrats Alisha!

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