Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Come on In, Boys...the Water's Fine!

I made a very cool discovery recently. My books are appealing to men! As my paranormal romance novels have turned darker, my audience has widened and that is a very good thing!

Welcome to my world, all you Testosterone filled readers! Seems I'm tapping into new territory...horror readers, dark fantasy, dark paranormal readers...and as one male reader said, "I go for your fiction that is a little farther out there." Best compliment I've received in a long time! So nice for him to write me and give me feedback. I truly appreciate it when I hear from readers. He also gave me some great advice:

"As long as you are writing what makes yourself happy, it will show through your work. That's what makes people so talented, they are just doing what makes themselves happy, and the end product is usually amazing, and other people dig it."

Thank you, Mike! You go down in my book as my first male reader. Anyone else out there?

Genre blending has always been something I'm inclined to do and now I'm experiencing some growing pains with it. Some good stretching pains and some not so good from readers who feel my writing has turned a little too dark. While I'm gaining new readers, I'm also losing a few but that is how we as writers find our true audience.

I can't feel bad about it. I just sold my 1848th book since Circle City released in late March. I could get used to this new audience.

Spread love,


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