Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teaser....Wolfgang...Coming October 2011!

Thank you to all my fans in the UK who have made me a best seller! Circle City is now #46 in the UK at Amazon! Wow! I appreciate and love all your fan mail! Soon to release in August is Deadly R&R and my young adult novel, Tusk. Stay tuned for Tusk's upcoming cover art!

Here's a teaser from Wolfgang, a tale of religion and vampirism! Happy Reading!

“I ate half the dust those last hundred miles.” Wolfgang Stone stepped off his shiny black Harley. “I’m getting a beer, want one?”
“Hell, yes.” Rage Stone had talked his brother into riding cross country on a whim. “God, this place is out in the middle of no man’s land.”
“I’ll pay for the gas. You get it next time.”
Wolfgang wiped his sunglasses clean with the tail of his tailored Armani shirt. He kicked the beat up screen door open with the steel toe of his boot. The place looked like it was stuck in a time warp. The ancient gas station was smack dab in the heart of the 70’s. The scent of bacon and country eggs wafted through the dusty service station. Wolfgang noticed a bell on the counter. How many years had it been since he’d rang one of those? He scratched his jaw and frowned. Movement caught his eye. He saw a woman dressed in a short silk nightie. She hadn’t noticed him and he didn’t want to startle her by calling out. He glanced at his watch. No wonder. It was a quarter to eight. The brothers had driven through the night. They’d have stopped earlier but the oncoming storm provided sufficient cloud coverage for travel without injury. They could continue onward if the rains came.
“Darla! Where are my fucking eggs?”
Wolfgang removed his sunglasses and peered down the hallway. The gas station was connected to a home. The woman walked past again. He watched her fumbling in the cabinets. She cried out when the bacon grease spat her on the arm.
“Make sure you burn them to a crisp.”
The woman looked up when Wolfgang placed two bottles of beer on the counter. He nodded in her direction and she gasped, rushing down another hall. He thought he heard her mumble something to the man. There was no mistaking what the man said next.
“You let him see you dressed like that? You fucking slut! Go get some god damned clothes on and then get me my fucking eggs.”
“I have to cook the bacon first,” she hollered from the hallway.
Both of them had been out of his line of vision but within seconds, the woman was airborne. Without even realizing it, he was entering this couple’s private Sunday morning routine. He stormed down the hall, just in time to see her land against the gas stove. The impact knocked over the pan of sizzling bacon. It splashed onto her backside and she screamed in agony. Wolfgang kneeled over her and placed his palm on her back. The burns disappeared. The damaged skin was left looking pink and new. She raised her head to speak but the man spoke instead.
“Who the fuck are you?”
Wolfgang stood and met the bald man, eye to eye. He smiled, showing off his fangs. The man’s eyes bulged.
“I’m your worst fucking nightmare.” He grabbed him by the shoulders and tossed him into the sky like wedding day rice. Baldy landed on the antlers of a large buck.
The woman screamed, scrambled to her feet and ran to the back door. Wolfgang moved like lightning and landed in front of the door, facing her. She screamed again, pushing against his chest but this time he took her face in his hands and forced her to look at him.

Their eyes locked and her arms fell to her side. She took one shuddering breath, closed her eyes and fell into his arms. He tucked her honey colored hair behind one ear and sniffed her long neck. His crotch tightened. A groan escaped his throat. His fangs grew as he picked her up. He would enjoy her more lying down and right now he couldn’t decide if he wanted to fuck her or suck her.
“Wolfgang! Put her down!”
The elder vamp hissed at his brother. Rage was at his side in a flash, his fangs withdrawn.
“I will not. Let’s share her.”
“Fuck that. You promised not to kill. That’s why we’re on this trip.”
Wolfgang’s blue eyes dilated to tiny pin points. His fangs shortened a bit. “She smells so good.” He sniffed her again. “Isn’t she beautiful?”
“Gorgeous. But she’s not ours.”
One last grunt came from the hanging corpse. Rage turned to see. “Holy shit! What have you done?”
“He threw her across the room. She’s abused.”
Rage dug his fingertips into his eye sockets. “You can’t just kill him.”
“I just did.”
“So I see. Put her down.”
“I will. When I’m finished.”
“I won’t let you kill her.”
“Then I’ll just be her maker. She’ll make for good company on the road. I just saved her from a lifetime of abuse.”
“Are you insane?”
“I’m sure of it.”
The girl moaned. Her eyelashes fluttered.
“Let’s get out of here. She’s waking up.”
“I’m in no hurry.”
A car door slammed. Rage peered down the hall. “Fuck, it’s a state trooper!”
“Shit is right! We have a dead man hanging on the wall.”
There was a knock at the back door. Rage peered through the peep hole. “It’s him. Let’s get out of here.”
“I’m not leaving her here to take the fall for this.”
“How many women can throw their husbands onto a pair of antlers? Leave her.”
Wolfgang ran down the hall and busted through the screen door. Rage flashed himself outside but his brother was gone. He heard footsteps coming from the side of the house.
"Damn! I’ll come back for the bike."
A bolt of lightning shot across the dusty parking lot. A tumble weed rolled over his boot. Rain slammed into the hot asphalt as Rage disappeared like the wind.


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