Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What are you watching, Wendy?

I love tv. My kids love tv. If you come into our apartment at most any time during the day or evening, our tv will be on. The television serves as background noise for me and I can actually concentrate better with the extra sound. I watch it when I write, read, do school work, and housework. When I get up in the a.m I have to watch (or listen to) the news while I drink my coffee or my morning doesn't feel complete.

My last movie date conversation when something like this: "I'm really sorry for taking you to a guy movie, Wendy". I told him it was fine. "No really. I shoulda brought you to see a chick flick instead of the action movie."

Okay so I admit I'm a girlie-girl. I love pink and all that jazz. Obviously I'm a romance author so I enjoy a happy ending. But really? If I had a choice of movie genres I would have to pick action or a good mystery. I don't watch tv shows like American Idol or Jersey Shore. No way. I loooove crime stuff and I don't mean the fake crime shows like CSI. I want the gritty true life shows from the ID channel or the biography channel. That stuff keeps me interested from beginning to end and never ever gets old. There are so many ideas I scribble down from watching that stuff and then twist into a love story.

So, my friends, what do you like to watch?


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