Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Damn....Men

I've been on a tear lately. For some reason, I've had multiple m/m storylines come to me. Being the writer I am who let's the story dictate the romance...I'm going with it. This is a unique challenge for me since I've only had a few m/m romances in the background or as secondary characters in other books. (One of which was very sexy-hot but I haven't finished the book yet so it is still on my hard drive.)It was that heat generated by the simple act of the characters' mere touches or how the related to each other that made me realize I might be able to pull this off. After all, love does change no matter who the participants are - the emotions are still the same. The choreography of the love scenes will just be slightly different. Oh, and perhaps the whole pronoun confusion aspect, but I've not had a hard time with that on menages, so I'm thinking I'll be all right. (Keeping positive always helps, I find.) And if I can't seem to get something right, I always have several friends who write m/m who can direct me. So it's all good.

So, for my fans who are she taking this new turn and staying in that sub-genre? The answer is no. These are very specific projects where the characters determined the gender configuration and it was completely out of my hands. Also, for two of the books, I just don't think m/f would work right.

I'm so excited by these projects that I can't wait to work on them. One is a 20K contemporary set on an island off the coast of Brazil. So hot!!! The other two are fantasies; one a novella and the other a novel length. I'm hoping to have the two novellas done and out the door by Christmas. (One is for a special call at one of my pubs so it has a deadline and must be out...I have no choice in the matter.) So far, both books are coming along very nicely and I'm pleased with the results.

That is my "pushing my writing boundaries" project for this year. Do you have any? If you do, what are they?



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