Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Top Ten Favorite Christmas CD's of all Time

Whether you enjoy more serious, standard inspirational holiday music or the fun more contemporary end of the music spectrum, I'm sure there is something on this list everyone will enjoy.

10. Handel's Messiah by the Bulgarian National Choir - Love this. If you've ever stood inside a choir while belting out the Hallelujah Chorus, you'd understand my love for this song. We preformed it when I was in high school and let me tell you, for a HS choir, we brought the goods. I've loved it ever since. Just brings me to tears every time.

9. Twisted Christmas by The Bob Rivers Group - I know, most of the songs are offensive, but all so freakin' funny. Come on, The Twelve Pains of Christmas is a classic.

8. More Twisted Christmas by The Bob Rivers Group - more of the same, but still on his game.

7. Christmas Island by Jimmy Buffet - It's Jimmy Buffet, enough said.

6. Christmas with the Rat Pack - That ultra cool trio of Frankie, Dino and Sammy. Come on, it doesn't get any smoother or better than that.

5. CBS Radio Christmas by Various Artists - These are just some really solid renditions of some holiday favorites along with some standard Christmas carols by some of the most beloved artists of the 50's and 60's. There are several CD's or downloads in the CBS collection. Check them out, you won't be sorry you did.

4. Boogie Woogie Christmas by The Brian Setzer Orchestra - The man is just so damn cool and talented beyond belief. The arrangements in this collection (there are two different CD's by the orchestra to choose from) are snappy, spirited and just plain fun.

3. Soundtrack from The Muppets Christmas Carol - Music and lyrics by Paul Williams - So clever and sweet and just all things muppety good.

2. Soundtrack from Nightmare Before Christmas by Danny Elfman - Anytime you put Danny Elfman on a project it's going to be awesome. Pair him with Tim Burton and it's a classic.

1. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
by The Ray Coniff Singers - all right I went back a long way for this one. Back to my childhood. This was one of the few Christmas albums we had (yes, on vinyl - cause we really had nothing else back then) growing up. To me, this is Christmas. The arrangements are amazing. There is something very dire in recording on such songs as Ring Christmas Bells, O Holy Night and We Three Kings.

* bonus*

Anything by Sinatra. We have several of his Christmas CDs. Anything with his rendition of Jingle Bells is happening. I swear he was the first man to "scratch" on a record. When you hear the song, you'll understand why I say that. Also, The Christmas Waltz is one of my most favorite songs for the holiday season.

So may your season be filled with love, laughter and most of all music.

'Til next week!



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