Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration Strikes Back!

Why is it when you're in the thick of writing (I am currently working on part 4 of my Pembroke Eve Series) that I get more ideas for books?

I blame this all on reading, of course.

Lately, with my new eReader by my side and ready to be used wherever I go, I have been immersed in reading. And from that, comes inspiration. At the moment I am reading some excellent sci-fi by David Drake and the classic "Island of Dr. Moreau."

*happysigh* Looks like I have about 5 more book book ideas to jot down :-) One of which WILL be a novelization of my best selling short story: "The Cadet's Officer." There have been many requests for this one to be expanded from many of my wonderful readers, and that was always on my agenda.

There will also be a novel set in colonial Australia. At the time of the First Fleet. I have to do a bit of research for this one, but I know I will have an Irish protag and an aboriginal who become, against all adversity, more than friends :-) It will be my first interracial story and I think it will offer a nice challenge for me. Also, it will be something completely different as there will be minimal speculative content. The only 'magic' that coming from aboriginal belief (Wanjina and the Dreamtime) and what the two will share together.

Aren't reading and writing wonderful :-)

Oh, and here is a really COOL review of my latest, Shadows of the Mind...Oh, and here's another. Gee, love this!


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