Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time of the Soul Cover Revealed!

Time of the Soul Cover Revealed!

At last, the next installment of The Pembroke Eve Chronicles, Time of the Soul, has a cover! I am thrilled to see that Angela has done such a wonderful job yet again! I can't thank her enough. The series is in full swing now, so here's the synopsis of the Time of the Soul to help whet your appetite for m/m sci-fi and fantasy :-)

Time of the Soul continues the adventure a month after the events of Light of the Body.

This time the townsfolk are celebrating the Spring Dance. An event that will hopefully kick away the worries of past incidents in the town. Although, even an occasion such as the Spring Dance can't remain uneventful for long, especially because this is Pembroke Eve, after all.

Unfortunately, for Jacob things are about to get really weird as a pan-dimensional being whisks him away just as Corey Harrington decides to make a scene at the dance and start throwing punches. The being, who also happens to fall in love with Jacob, shows him a different past, a possible present and a future he must choose. But the consequences of the being's love is more than Jacob can handle or allow to happen. He will lose all of his friends and a life he thought he had if he accepts the being.

Something he knows cannot possibly happen.

Jacob is alone, without Callum or Zane or Suzy this time. Even Mr. Barnaby and his strange friend can't really help in the alternate reality the being has created to woo Jacob into his web. In the end, Jacob must resort to making a deal with the devil--his arch enemy Corey Harrington--and use all of his wits to make sure his life is as it should be before the being discovers his plan and decides that Jacob no longer deserves his affection...or his life.


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

WOW!!! All your covers for this series have been gorgeous, but this one is spectacular!!! I love it.

Awesome. Congrats.

Mark Alders said...

Thank you so much. I agree. The work done on these covers has been sensational. I am so pleased. And yes, each one is getting better and better. I can't wait for the next one :-)



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