Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't Try this at Home

I did a stupid thing this morning. I dumped my morning tea all over my laptop computer. I'm using it as a desk model since my desktop tried to die on me over a year ago. This is not all bad news though. My computer was saved by an open catalogue for a plus-size store and I was looking to order some pants I'd seen. Thank God that I had the buying impulse this morning and had spread the magazine out across the computer to find the items I was interested in.

So, I pick up my cup to take a sip and the next thing I know I have french vanilla tea everywhere and a shocked expression on my face. I quickly picked up the now soggy catalogue and tossed it to the floor. With my trusty Bounty (it really is the quicker picker upper, you know) in my hand I managed to soak up the rest of the liquid before any damage could occur.

It was a close call.

Now, $73 dollars later (I ended up buying three pairs of pants) I am both wiser and better dressed.

The tea has gone cold, but I feel the need for another cup since this one landed where it ought not to have. Luckily, I don't add milk, sugar or honey to my tea so there will be no sticky business on my secondary keyboard. (The one I use isn't the one on the computer. Desk sits up too high to make that a comfortable proposition.)

So, let this be a lesson to all out there. Tea and computers don't mix - unless there's a catalogue barrier for protection.



Ella Drake said...

Good thing for that catalog!
Say it isn't so... Tea & computers don't mix?
I can't do without mine in the morning when I first sit at the computer!

Melisse Aires said...

I like a cup with a lid because I'm a major klutz--plus the dog and cats do Not help.

Riley Quinn said...

Awesome catch. Now the next time hubby gives you a hard time about buying clothes, you can tell him it's cheaper than buying a new computer.

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