Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gabbing about eReaders, my new .99 Release and More Kick Ass Books!

I'd love to hear out there who has a Nook or a Kindle. I was at B&N last night eyeing the new color Nooks. Holy Cow! They had to pry my hands off of that baby. Good things to know about the different Nooks though....The regular Nook with eInk Technology is best if you need an ereader primarily for reading novels. Reason: You can read it in daylight and take it outside anywhere. However, if you want to read in bed, you need to get a Nook light. They're available for $15 at B&N or you can get any other version for probably cheaper I'm sure. $15 isn't bad for their great reading lights. If you want an ereader for magazines, newspapers and children books...anything really with lots of pictures or photos, the Color Nook is best for you. However, it does not have eInk technology. The Color Nook is exactly like a small computer, so it lights up just like your computer. Great to read in bed and you won't need an ereader light. But if you want to read it outside in direct sunlight, you're out of luck. Even in a small amount of sunlight, you won't be able to read much. And according to the people who work at B&N, the Color Nook is just not as easy on the eyes as the regular Nook.

So, to sum up, if you need a great ereader for books mostly, go with the regular Nook or the Kindle. If you love to read magazines, newspapers, children's books, comic books, etc...go with the Color Nook! And if you love both and have the cash on hand, you can get both. You can own up to six Nooks and have your entire B&N Library on all six Nooks under the same account. Pretty cool, huh?

So let's talk ereaders? What kind of ereader do you have and why do you love it? What do you not love about it? One downfall on the Nook is that unless you purchase your ebook at B&N, you won't be able to see the cover on the pretty color screen below the eInk technology. That blows! Wish they would change that. Pretty elitest if you ask me but I love, love, love my Nook! I have heard some great things about Sony ereaders too. Anyone out there have a Sony ereader? What about an IPad? OMG...I want one of those!

Some Kick Ass Books for .99!

If you're looking to add some great buys to your Nook or Kindle, I have a few great suggestions. Amanda Hocking is creating some serious waves in the YA world right now. This indie published author is selling her books like hot cakes! Check out the first book in The Trylle Trilogy, Switched for .99! I'm reading it right now and loving it!

I just purchased Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory for .99! First of all, what a great cover! I'm really, really starting to love these cartoon like covers for paranormal authors. Charlaine Harris and Candace Havens both have similar cutesy paranormal covers. Love them! But aside from the great cover, I can't wait to sink my teeth into this book! Sounds fabulous!

My fantasy time-travel, The Hour Glass Witch is now available for .99 at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon! If you like Greek Mythology and love to visit great historical events, you just might enjoy my book. If you do, please let me know! Here's the blurb.

The Hour Glass Witch
Cursed for mocking Aphrodite, the Greek muse of history is thrust back in time to the Salem Witch Trials. Seeking atonement while assigned the duty of inspiring humans during times of great historical significance, Clio has her work cut out for her. Her efforts fail in the first twenty-four hours, unable to twist fate and salvage lives. Accused of being a witch, she is thrown in prison by a former lover from another time. To escape the gallows, she flees back in time, to the Italian Renaissance, where she becomes a courtesan for a famous Italian painter, living a life of luxury while pining for her lost love. Her favorite god and good friend, Dionysus is living it up in Tuscany. He invites her to a wild party at his palace where she finds her love again, only to be separated once more. While the sands of time run out, she travels to Hades in search of her love. Will Clio make it out in time to save the condemned souls of Salem?

For Your Kindle

For Your Nook

If you're an author and need your books reviewed, here is a great new review site I've discovered. And if you're a reader, check out the great reviews!
Risque Reviews

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