Friday, March 6, 2009

Interview with Tierney O'Malley

Where are you from?

I am from Seattle, Washington. The Evergreen State! Live or come and visit and you’ll know why this place is called evergreen. :)

Tell us your latest news.

My latest news: I sold my first novel, Wicked Knight: Tristan, to Red Rose Publishing. It is a standalone book and the first of the five Knight stories I plan to write this year or for the rest of my life. LOL. So exciting. *grinning* Also, Perfect Vessel (Emerald Envisage Anthology) is coming out I believe in March from eXtasy Books. The story is about a hot green alien, desperate dancer and an out of this world offer. This story is definitely wicked.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

The first time when I truly felt that I have the tools to write was during my English Composition class. My instructor kept writing comments on the side of my written works “publishable”. She even gave me a copy of the Writer’s Market book. And getting my short story published at the college paper sealed the idea.

What genre are you most comfortable writing?

I love writing contemporary romance. I feel this is where my strength lies. Although I tried writing my first paranormal (trying something new is fun), sent my proposal and actually received a request for full.

How did you come up with the title for your book(s)?

I like this question :). Coming up with a title is not easy. I always ask myself, “What the story is about?” After coming up with a title, I spice it up to make it catchy, romantic, sensual. For example, To Trust a Wicked Man. The story centers on the heroine trying to find ways to trust a man. Using the title To Trust a Man is fine, but by adding the word wicked, the title is now more colorful and intriguing. Now you can ask, “How wicked is he?” :) The book is available at Fictionwise. Grab a copy and see how wicked my hero is. If anyone out there has a suggestion on how to come up with a great book title, I want to hear it. Please, please, tell me. LOL

What are your current projects?

I am now working on the second Knight book, Wicked Knight: Bors. Okay, the Knights are the four undeniably yummy, gorgeous and irresistible brothers. All named after the famous knights of the round table. Their last name is Knight.

What do you think has helped you the most with your writing?

Reading books of the same genre I am interested in writing is great. Searching and reading writing tips online. Forums! Join Romance Divas. I met wonderful authors there. Always ready to give their advice, tips, and comments. Oh, and Romance Writer's Community or RWC--awesome site.

What are your hobbies?

I like to play tennis with my family, chess, go for a walk with my husband, read, write.

What is your favorite secret pleasure?

Long hours of soaking in the bathtub while reading a book and eating candies or cookies.

What is your biggest wish for yourself?

Right now, I wish I could talk to my brother one more time. He passed away two months ago.


Keta Diablo said...

Hi Tierney,

Great interview and great blog! Love the colors.

I'm sorry to hear about your brother. It's so hard losing those we love.

Best of luck to you on all your new releases and future WIP's.

Sending whispers of good KARMA to you,

Keta Diablo

Sierra Wolfe said...

Nice interview, Tierney. I really enjoyed reading it. I love the question about how you get your titles. Very informative! Thanks for sharing.

Margay said...

Tierney, I can't believe how many similarities you and I share. My college English teacher also wrote things on my papers like "easily publishable" (I still have them, too) which meant a lot because she was a published author herself. And one of my short stories (which isn't even my forte) won a contest and was published in the college magazine! On a more somber note, I also lost a brother (almost five years ago now) and still miss him terribly. He was a truck driver and he used to call me when he was on the road to chat and make the drive less boring. Inevitably, he would end up singing to me whatever was his favorite song at the time - I could just picture him, this big teddy bear of a guy, driving a truck down the interstate into the sunset as he sang to his sister. I miss that voice. Lucky for me, he had recorded himself singing sometime before he died, so I can still listen to him sing. It's not the same, but I'm glad I have it. You're in my thoughts.


Debra Kayn said...

Great interview Tierney! Like Margay, I felt connected to you too, in a different way. I live in NW Oregon, and love to play tennis. lol I really like the new blog, and look forward to reading more. Condolences on your brother...

Mark Alders said...

Awesome, Tierney! Loved it...

Although chocolate in the bathtub is nicer :-)

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