Monday, March 9, 2009

Star Struck in Blogland

Have you ever chatted with one of your favorite authors online?

Sweaty palms, lump in your throat, the urge to run and tell every person you know (and some you don’t) that you were lucky enough to chat (ok, online, but still) with one of your all time favorite authors. Have you ever experienced this? I have.

Recently, on a message board I’m a member of, a new author was excited that one of her favorites had left a comment on her blog. How exciting! She was, of course, thrilled. Who can blame her? I was the same way when I had my experience.

Last year, I had started another blog with a couple of other authors. Trying to build it into something that readers would enjoy, we promoted it and asked other authors to guest blog and/or give away copies of their books for our contest. I sent out notices to all my friends on Facebook, MySpace, etc, trying to drum up some prizes. When I received a response from one of my favorite authors, I was thrilled. Seriously, dancing through the house, screaming with elation, big, fat grin on my face thrilled. This was a NY published author of a series that I’d read and really enjoyed. Anticipation and excitement filled me as I dug out a copy of her paperback from my many shelves of books. I carried it with me, showing everyone I knew. I’d spoken with her and she’d agreed to give away copies of her books for my blog. MY BLOG! Ok, yeah, so I was star-struck. I admit it, I’m not ashamed.

Just reading the excitement in my friend’s message brought a smile to my face. Ahhh, yes. Been there. It’s a fond memory I’ll never forget. I’m sure she won’t, either.

One of these days, maybe that will be one of us. Some new author might be excited to see our comment on her blog. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Of course, how would we know? I guess if you get big enough, you just know. :D But, it’s something to strive for. When someone asks me what my goals are, I’m going to have to tell them that I hope someday to make a new author excited that I posted on their blog. I think that’s a good goal to reach for.

So, how about you? Have you ever been star-struck by the opportunity to speak to one of your favorite authors? Share your stories with me. I’d love to hear them!


Margay said...

I have interacted with well-known authors on other blogs, but have yet to have one comment on my own (but I've only had it for about eight months, so it's still early yet). Still, just interacting with other authors who have name recognition is amazing in itself. I don't want to drop names, but I might with some prodding. ;)


lainey bancroft said...

YES! It is an amazing experience when a successful author you admire responds on a blog or forum.

That was one of the most incredible things I noticed when I first crept into cyber space, how very approachable and willing to share information the vast majority of authors are. Romance, in particular, is a very supportive community.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Sierra! I had a big name author add me as a friend on facebook. I promptly accepted and then did the happy dance all over the house! I just couldn't believe that SHE added ME!

Wendy Ely

Sierra Wolfe said...

*Gets out the prodding stick* Come on Margay, who was it? LOL.

It is amazing how approachable everyone is. You're right about that, Lainey. It still amazes me.

That's so cool, Wendy. Made you feel good, didn't it?

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Alisha Paige said...

I had a similar experience when Tammie King, owner of Night Owl Romance commented on my blog about small presses vs. big NY houses. Even though she's not a big time author, she's a big time reviewer with a very respectable review house. That was WAY cool and I listen to every word that smart lady has to say. Her review house rocks!

Last year at the 3rd annual Buns and Roses Tea for Literacy in Dallas, we had a pre-Buns book signing at Barnes and Noble. Lucky me, I signed books next to our guest of honor...drum roll please...Sherrilyn Kenyon....gasp. Thank God I was signing a paranormal...her mile long line trickled to me first...snicker. Thank you, Sherrilyn! And she is the sweetest lady! It was such an honor. She's very gracious to her fans too and wow, they are super cool fans! I never saw so many tats on readers, all connected to her awesome books!

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