Saturday, May 2, 2009

Writing Woes

Super Saturday everyone! *waves* I have family in from out of town and while I love it most of the time, this weekend…not so much. I’ve got three different muses babbling about three different stories in my head. Let me tell you, all those voices jabbering at once are a nightmare. Can kind of make me think I’m going a wee bit crazy at times. *glances about owlishly* Did I just write that for the entire world to read? *blink…blink* I must be crazy. *shakes head*

On top of that, I have three different stories that either requires editing or an outline and submission letters written on them. *bangs head against the wall* And Sierra has already threatened to crack the whip on me. *blinks…blinks* She’s pretty good with that whip cracking by the way. *winks*

Okay, I don’t work outside the home, so it should be easy right? Wrong! I have a family, am a full time mom, wife, maid, taxi service, and I still work part-time from home. It’s been my experience that clutter and mess do not magically pick themselves up regardless how much screaming I do at them. *pouts* And I’ve yet to coerce little fairies to come in and pick up overnight while we all sleep.

So, my question is how do you decide which muse to listen to? I have had arguments in my head this week with my muses about which story I am going to write on. My girlfriend—non-writer, by the way, so she cannot sympathize—told me they made fabulous medication for my problem. I glared at her over that smartass statement. I don’t need medication to calm them, I need to write. That is what calms the muses. And if I don’t get it written, my muses can decide to take a vacation at any given point and clam up unexpectedly. When my muses chat, I have to write or suffer the consequences.

This is how I’ve handled it…whichever muse screams the loudest—technically is the storyline that is at the forefront of my mind the most—that’s the story that gets written on first. When that one is written, then I go to the next loudest, followed by the third loudest or I just make notes on whatever is supposed to happen if I can’t get it written before I go to something else. Then the process started all over again. Have I confused you yet? This subsequently left little to no time to work on the edits, outline or submission letter.

Calgon, take me away! Did that just show my age? *blink*

How do you manage the craziness of writing, along with the stress of family, work, home life, ballgames or any other distraction that comes along? Aside from begging the time god to extend the day from 24 hours to 40 hours and a 7 day week to a 20 day week, I’m just not getting the job done.


Margay said...

Gracen, I can totally sympathize with you on this problem. As you know, my life is pretty crazy right now because on top of dealing with my own health issues (Multiple Sclerosis) and those of my younger daughter (bipolar disorder and Asperger's Syndrome), I recently found out that she needs surgery on her spine to correct a "massive" (as described by her ortho doctor) curvature. Add to that the whirlwind that is senior year and college prep for my older daughter, concerns about the health of one of my sisters and an aunt, and my life is pretty much full.

So of course this is the time when I am just brimming with creativity! I am three quarters of the way through plotting out the (four) new books in the Dante Chronicles (Nora's Soul being book one), I have the first book in another series in the pipeline with my publisher, I have at least three mainstream books in various stages of completion - oh, and I just came up with this new idea for a YA paranormal series that my older daughter (when I proposed it to her) told me I HAVE TO write! Muses can be such wicked creatures with a horrible sense of timing, but I don't care. Being inundated with story ideas takes my mind off the more serious aspects of my life at the moment.

So time management, what to do about the mounting pile of laundry, what muse to listen to first? Wish I could give you some advice on that, Gracen, but I'm kind of winging it myself.


Sierra Wolfe said...

OMG girls, muses can be evil creatures. Seriously. When I have the time to write, they shut up and I can't get them to talk, even with promises of chocolote or a glass of wine. But, when life is crazy and I've got twenty things going on, that's when they want to talk. Maybe they are being generous to us and trying to provide an outlet to keep our minds off of our problems. I don't know, but I understand completely what you're talking about. Juggling is the only thing you can do. Prioritize what's the most urgent, and put the rest on backburner. That's the only way I've been able to deal with it.

Good luck, and I hope things get better for you both soon!

P.S. Don't worry, Gracen. You'd enjoy my whip. Hehe.

Carrie said...

Hey Gracen - if time management doesn't work, try using dice or a spinning wheel with numbers on it. Each chore/muse/story gets a number and when you have the time (not taxiing and not working) - throw the die or spin the wheel and work on the one that gets landed on. It's fair and impartial and no one can complain...much.

Gracen Miller said...

Margay, you're definitely having a hard time of it right now and my heart goes out to you. You know I'm here whenever you need a virtual shoulder. *hugs ya*

Sierra, it actually makes me feel better that someone else has the same problem as me. I wanted to write Friday and Saturday, but couldn't because of family and other various chores, but come Sunday, I didn't have anything to say. So I read and got inspiration to write today and now I don't have the time to write, but I will tonight!

Carrie, that's an interesting suggestion. Sounds like it could work. Just one problem, if I don't get the household chores done that need to be done, the husband is not very understanding. He's not one of those "I support you in whatever you do" kind of guys. I think he believes all my writing is silly business and when I got the call for my first book to be published, he was the one that kept saying he'd believe it when it panned out. But, it's an idea I'll have to employ and see how it works!

Thanks for the advice, ladies!

Margay said...

I know, and I appreciate that more than you know.

Carrie said...

Hey Gracen,

It's too bad your husband isn't more supportive. I have to say, I did hit the jack pot. When we first met, I told him I was outspoken, said what was on my mind and that my attitude was, if you like me great, if you don't, it's your loss.

A couple months later, I warned him that it was quite possible I'd end up in a wheel chair when I was in my fifties and that it would be a hard road to that point. I gave him and out. I said if it wasn't a life he wanted, I would be hurt, but I understood. He stayed (partially because I don't think he believed me about the wheel chair thing - then).

Now, he understands that the simple acts of sitting and standing are quite painful for me. He realizes that if I don't do something, that I had a bad day physically and will get to it eventually. Many times, he'll just do some of the more physical chores so I don't have to.

He also knows that my writing is where my talent lies and that I do have some real talent in that area. While he wants me to be working, he now sees that a job in an office just isn't feasible because of the physical issues. There are times when I just lay down or recline, thanks to the laptop, I can still do my writing even though I'm in bed.

You know, you're not the only author who leaves cleaning go until the writing is done. I guess it's one of the rites of passage to being an author - must procrastinate cleaning duties for alternate life in our own little world!

Hopefully you'll see this!


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