Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cover Contest Day 1

Our cover contest begins today, and we're so excited to bring you 10 wonderful covers for you to choose from. It's not going to be easy! 

Please pick your favorite cover and vote in our poll. Only one vote per person. Be sure to stop by each day to see the next 10 covers in our contest. Once all covers have been shown, the finalists will battle it out to see which one gets the most votes. The winner will get to claim the "Golden Rose Award for Best Cover". 

If you would like to stop the scrolling to get a better look at one of the covers, just hold your mouse cursor over one of the covers near it, and it will hold it there until you move your cursor. You may have to click to activate the control.

Thank you for participating in our contest, and we hope you have fun! Good luck to all our wonderful authors who sent in their covers! 


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