Sunday, March 21, 2010

Immorati by MK Mancos - Releases This Week

Like the full moon over the Pine Barrens or an immortal after a battle - Immorati is back and available for your reading consumption.

For those of you who don't know, this book was originally released by a publisher who shall remain nameless and then held up in bankruptcy court for over a year. Finally, after securing the rights again I sent it to my editor (the lovely and talented Amanda Barnett) at Wild Rose Press who loved it.

The idea came to me in a dream. Though in the dream, I'll admit, the antagonist was a werewolf. Me, being me, I wanted to do something different than the mad-dog werewolf story, so I changed the character I'd dreamed about into a Jersey Devil (the cryptid, not the hockey team!) and built a story around that.

My JD's look nothing like the monsters of legend. They stand almost seven feet tall, have language skills and are cursed by the origins to walk to world as hideous creatures chained to death, while their brother species, the Immorati and beautiful and immortal.

Here's the blurbage:

When the corpse of an unidentified species is found in the woods near Pine Haven, NJ along with a human female, anthropologist, Edie Campbell is called in by local law enforcement and the medical examiner to help identify the strange humanoid male. The discovery of a heretofore unknown species is thrilling for Edie, up until she realizes the creature recently mated with the human female.

Questions form with no apparent answers until Aidan LaMont arrives in Pine Haven to identify his cousin's body. But the secretive Aidan hides as much of the mystery surrounding the strange creature as he explains. And Edie has no doubt that behind the simmering sexuality and amber eyes, he knows much more than he's willing to tell.


Immorati by MK Mancos Available March 26 from Wild Rose Press/Black Rose


Gracen Miller said...

This sounds really good! Congrats on gettin git re-released!

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