Friday, March 26, 2010

Swim in the sea of passion, laugh, cry, and fall in love…



My latest book from Red Rose Publishing is now available. Yesterday, it hit the ten bestseller list and is still slowly climbing up the chart.

Thanks to Keta Diablo for helping me come up with the awesome title.

This book is more than just a romantic, passionate story that will set you ablaze. This is about family, forgiveness, redemption. The redemption part is hard to write. I tried my hardest to show that Julian deserves forgiveness. Read the book and please tell me what you think.

Would you forgive a man who weds you then leaves on your wedding night?

I am a guest at Chloe Waits blog. Her crazy questions are funny.


The destiny of a man. The fate of a young woman. The unexpected passion and love

Drop dead gorgeous veterinarian Julian Ravenwood decides to snip the tie that binds him with his estranged wife. But it isn’t as easy as he thought it to be. His once untidy scrawny bride has changed into a seductive and attractive woman he can’t stop touching. And the secret she had kept rocks his world.


Artist and bar dancer, Joanie, sees an opportunity to solve her problems when Julian shows up to serve her. She demands money in exchange of her signature. But Julian learns the reason behind her demand and asks to stay for two weeks. Joanie agrees.

Together in one roof, they can’t stop lusting after one another and their passion sizzles. Julian shows her pleasure in and out of the marriage bed. Life is finally good until trouble comes and put Joanie’s heart at risk again.


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Tierney O’Malley



Book Junkie said...

OMG Tierney, I am buying it RIGHT NOW!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!! Aren't Keta and Chloe just aweseom!


Gracen Miller said...

Tierney, first...I freaking LOVE the cover art!!! Second, I love the concept of this book. I just recently read To Love a Wicked Man and really, really enjoyed it! So, of course, this one is hitting my TBR list.

BTW, congrats on it climbing up the bestseller charts so fast!! Woohoo!!! Way to go girl!!! *does a victory dance in your honor* ;-)



Tierney O'Malley said...

Brandi, thank you so much! You're so so cool!

Gracen--gosh, thanks for reading my book. To Trust a Wicked Man was my debut book. :D Thanks girl.


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