Friday, March 5, 2010

Sexy Giveaway and…a break.


Finally, done with the edits. I can breath and relax. At least for day or two.

I now have the official release date for Passionate Bid. This coming March 25, Passionate Bid will be available for purchase from Red Rose Publishing.


My editor thinks I have a winner here. :D

I hope she is right. By far, this book is the most challenging one to write. See, the hero, Julian Ravenwood, took off after the wedding, leaving his new bride while she’s still in her wedding gown. Now, right there, is tough.  How can a hero redeem himself after that? :D


Here is the blurb:


The destiny of a man

Drop dead gorgeous veterinarian, Julian Ravenwood, has made a mistake—slept with a young virgin, Joanie Saint Claire. Forced to do the right thing, he marries her then leaves while she’s still in her wedding gown.

The fate of a young woman

Joanie finds herself facing an altered life after her one night with Julian. She’s left alone with a little bug who means the world to her.

The spirit of an abandoned wife

An opportunity to solve Joanie’s problems comes when Julian shows up to serve her. She agrees to sign the divorce papers on one condition—he pay her one hundred thousand dollars.

The unexpected love

Julian can’t believe it. His scrawny bride has grown into a seductive, attractive, and feisty woman he can’t stop lusting after. And the secret she has kept rocks his world.


I love this book. The story defines what love is all about.









Head over to My Overstuffed Bookshelf. Or click this link: follow Amy’s rules and you could win this book. I look forward to seeing you there.




Mark Alders said...

I have to say that cover is awesome!

Onya, Tierney!



Beth said...

Oooh. Another book to get this month. This month's list is getting very long.

Tierney O'Malley said...

@ Mark--Thanks Mark.Congrats on hitting the bestseller list. :D

@ Beth--:D Long list is good. How are you Beth?

Alisha Paige said...

This book sounds so yummy! Can't wait to read it!

Big hug,

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