Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Movies I Love to Love

I am pretty much a movie addict. But I guess if I have to be addicted to something, movies are a nice benign way to go. Just like books there are certain genres I like more than others, but I am willing to try watching just about anything as long as it has an engaging plot and tight script. (I'm very picky about script and plot holes.)

Then there are the movies I watch over and over again. They are the background noise when I write- on the occasions when I decide I need a bit more company than just the stereo playing. No matter if the movie is a classic noir, or a adaptation of an Austen or Dickins novel, if the story has dragons or magic, or space battles and Vulcan ears, they all have the same thing in common - they transport me to another place. Of course some of these movies I've seen so many times I can play a Rocky Horror on them and recite all the dialogue. But that's fine, that familiarity also allows me to tune out great portions of the movie into background only.

It's nothing on a long afternoon when I'm busy typing away to play the LOTR triology, or the original Star Wars saga back-to-back. Sometimes I'll go for A & E's version of Pride and Prejudice, or the BBC rendition of Our Mutual Friend. Sometimes I'll go fun and watch the Mummy movies.

I find my favorites are period pieces. I have to admit a fondness for anything that is wrapped in chain mail or corsets and relies heavily on court politics. This doesn't mean they have to reside in the real world. It can be plucked from the shores of some distant land, or a time before time. I really don't care. There is just something about the costumes that make me swoon. (Really, I think swooning is a dying art form.)

I'll admit, action/adventure will sometimes turn my head. The Transporter series, (ooo Jason Statam, now there's something to swoon about). Or maybe I want something with Jet Li. (Hot Asian dude, oh, yeah I'm soooo there!)

There there are the series I'll just put in DVD's for and watch. My favorite - hands down is ST:DS9. Solid writing, awesome plot lines, visually impressive. It's got everything. Including Avery Brooks as the captain - I mean, how can you go wrong!

I hear a lot of writers saying they can't work with the television going or the stereo blaring. I'm not that sort of girl. If I really need to concentrate, then I might forgo the tube, but not usually. I know my limits of stimulation and I know when I need something to fill in the void of null sound around me. Watching my favs is just like having a steaming mug of tea and curling up to visit with old friends.

What are some of your favorite movies?



Tierney O'Malley said...

Wow Kat. Same here. Oftentimes I have a movie playing in the background while writing. Most of the time it's Pride and Prejudice. It helps me get into that romantic mood.

300, Lord of the Rings, Emma hmm...what else. Yeah, when I take a break from writing I'd switch my screen to movie player. : )

Mark Alders said...

Sometimes movies inspire me. I watched the HellBoy movies back to back because I needed to write about a tough character with a soft heart but a mouth that doesn't always help him :-)



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