Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Research Rocks!

I'd love to hear about your research. I love doing research for my books. I had a blast reading about the Havasupai Indians who live at the bottom of The Grand Canyon while writing Canyon Wolf Bride. While writing The Wooden Nickel, I researched the rail riders of The Great Depression, the young boys and men who hopped trains in search in work, the bulls they dealt with (railroad guards) and the every day dangers. While writing A Love Beyond Time for the Muse Series, I researched The Renaissance and The Salem Witch Trials for my time travel romance. For Uncaged, I researched London in the 1700's and the slave trade in Africa. Research for Voodoo Moon was personal. I traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica and walked the halls of Rosehall Plantation where Annie Palmer still roams today. Seeing her grave, the infamous dungeon (which is now a bar) where she kept ill tempered slaves and her bedroom where she slept and bedded the men she killed...wow...it really brought my story to life. Now I'm researching Circle City, Alaska, a town on the edge of civilization, a stone's throw from desolation. The perfect setting for a clan of wolf people. Don't ya think?

What are you researching now? I'd love to hear. Research is like going back to school but only taking the classes you really love!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Mark Alders said...

Great post as always, mate.

Me? I'm researching Latin!

Don't ask LOL



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