Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going to Nationals: The Short List

Well, it happened. I told my dear hubby that I thought perhaps I should go to RWA in NYC this year (it being only about 45-60 minutes from our house depending on traffic) and he had not the reaction I thought. He turned to me and shrugged a bit and said. "Sure. If you want to." "Really?" says I. Oh, yeah...really. We moved some money around and switched things around and bammo slammo, I'm going. But not only will I be there, but despite all odds me and my friend (along with one other roommate) got booked into the conference hotel, and I rejoined the RWA (knowing my fees and membership form might not arrive in time for the early-bird sign up. It did by the way.) And I also got an appt. to pitch to my dream agent. (cue shrieks of joy, exciement and instant nervous nausea.)

So, what have I been doing the last few weeks while I haven't been blogging. Well, trying to finish up the book I'm pitching to said agent. And working on another book (this one contemporary) that I'm pitching to Sourcebooks. I thought I might as well make good use of my time since I'm there. Who knows.

I've also been in rather a shopping frenzy. Since I've boldly proclaimed this year is my time to shine, I have set about acquiring a conference wardrobe that reflects just that image. I have more squins, spangles and gem covered shirts than any one woman should be allowed in a closet. It's soooo cool. So, if you're going to conference look for me. I'll be the one sparkling.

To my American friends....Happy and Safe Memorial Weekend. I'll be working. Not on books, but at the hospital.

Love and other indoor sports,



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