Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is sexy?

I was talking to my female friend the other night at the gym. My daughter had blabbed to her about how hot I think a certain guy who works out there is. So my friend and I were discussing his sexy factor. She decided that he was a turn-off to her no matter how good his body is because of his cocky attitude (this opinion comes up later on... keep reading).

I then went to work and had a similar conversation with a female friend there. I was descrbing this sexy man at the gym. My friend at work said, "Oh. I don't like those types of men. To me sexy men are are skinny, nerdy looking guys." She also likes the guy to have longer hair and the unshaven look. Not me.

Then I went swimming. Two women from my complex joined me at the pool. What came up? The subject of men! One of the women said she liked the guys with long hair and tattoos. The other woman said "Ew. No tattoos!" but she seemed to like the long hair.

The definition of sexy:


1. Sexually attractive or exciting.
2. Sexually aroused

You can ask a million different people what sexy is and get a wide variety of answers. Apparently I don't need to worry about my friends stealing my man since they wouldn't even consider the same man I would find undeniably sexy (like the guy at the gym!).

Physically I drool over the lean or muscular guy. I prefer tanned skin with dark hair. I rarely would find a blonde sexy. The tattoos give the men a bad-boy edge, but I don't like long hair. Yep, I like the clean-cut guy with tattoos.

But sexy doesn't stop there.

Actions can give people sex appeal. Besides working out at the gym, I love watching the men work out. It is so hot to watch the tight t-shirt tighten across their backs while they are lifting a stack of heavy weights while their focus stays on the burn ripping through their muscles. Also, I man playing the guitar could make me melt right in my chair. Or swimming. Ever watch someone glide through the water, the sun glistening on their wet skin? Put suntan lotion over their legs or chest? What about working at their desk, sucking on the end of a pen while they focus on what they are reading?

Okay, so I mentioned what I find sexy. Would I only date the described men? Hell no I wouldn't. A man's confidence and intellegence is the sexiest thing of all. That doesn't mean that I like the don't-talk-to-me-I'm-better-than-you attitude either. The guy who can walk through the room, knowing he is a good catch, but doesn't rub it in other people's faces, and own's it! That is confidence and the biggest turn on of all. And the guy at the gym? He has that level of confidence. He knows he looks look, but doesn't hesitate to offer a smile to other people around him or answer questions about fitness. He is friendly, helpful, and sexy as hell. He own's the right to know it!

So the question today is: What do you think is sexy?

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Alisha said...

My husband has long hair and tats..a type of guy I thought I grew out of in the 80's. By the time I'd reached my 30's, I was more into businessmen who wear suits..clean cut, muscular men who are conservative and very organized..confident. However, when my husband moved in next door to me while I was a single mom, I had an 80's flashback. He even drove a car from the 80's and blared old rock and roll from his car. Hmmm...guess I do like the bad boy image more than I wanted to admit. Eight years later, we have two children together and I love it when he forgets to shave. I think so many different types of men are sexy so I guess for me it just depends on the man. Confidence is a big thing as you said. I'm still head over heels in love with my rock star husband. I used to think tats looked scary and screamed, "I've been in prison!!" One of our first dates, he wore black slacks and a button up white shirt. It was an outdoor wedding so at the reception it got pretty warm. He rolled the sleeves up and I could see his tats. Drool!!! Sometimes you never know what is sexy until it slaps you upside the head! Great post!

MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott/Kate Davison said...

Wendy, the sexiest trait a man can have is a sense of humor. My husband makes me laugh all the time and I just love that about him. He's also very supportive of my writing and tells me often how proud he is of me. Now that's sexy!!!

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