Sunday, May 22, 2011

Win a copy of Mouse in the Wainscoting

Get your copy of Mouse in the Wainscoting here. Here is the excerpt to get you all warmed up :-)

Hot water cascaded over David’s weary body. He immersed his face in the stream, letting himself become carried away by the sheer joy of being cleaned of the day’s grime. With soap lathered on a flannel, he washed himself. Careful and deliberate, he caressed his weary muscles, rubbed his skin, enjoyed having his own touch across his body.

He dropped the flannel and soap, favouring skin on skin contact.

Soon his hands were at his genitals. He smiled. The water added to the sensation, lubricated his actions, and again, as gentle as he dared, he touched himself, made himself stir. He placed a finger into the mouth of his foreskin, touching his head, sending shivers of delight up his spine and throughout his body. He moaned, working that finger in little circles over his piss slit and down to his coronal rim and frenulum, all the while keeping his foreskin unretracted. He loved the sensation of fingering himself in such a way, his long foreskin stretched right up to the second knuckle of the finger he used to pleasure himself. He knew how he liked it, and in no time at all, he had a full on raging boner. Veins bulging, head as engorged as it ever would be. He smiled. This was beautiful. This was perfect. A man could be his own best friend.

Good thing his foreskin was long, because even in his erect state and horny as hell, he was able to continue his fingering action. His own movement over his head gained in speed and intensity with each passing moment. He closed his eyes tight. His balls tightened and the pangs of ecstasy rose with that wonderful and familiar delight.

With his other hand, he jerked off, still careful not to retract. The inside of his foreskin was just as sensitive and pleasure giving as his ripe head. Both being stimulated in combination was mind blowing, and within several pleasurably heightened heartbeats, shudders of delight consumed him.

In the end, he had to pull his finger out, for his skin was too sensitive even for his own touch. He shuddered some more. His fingers and toes tingled, and nothing would stop him from climax. He was seconds away. His lips, moistened from the water that cascaded all over him, quivered.

David groaned as white, hot ribbons of cum spurted out from his bulging cock. His stomach quivered, his mind overwhelmed by the rush of everything that was an orgasm. Over and over the shower wall was sprayed with his own joy. He was unable to think of anything, do anything, but continue to revel in the rapture his own touch had created.

When spent, he sunk to the floor. .

Or, if you want to try and win a copy, just tell me which gentleman below is the top and which is the bottom :-) In other words, do you think the guy on the left is the pitcher or the catcher? Leave your answer in a comment and I will draw the winner when I have enough entries (winner chosen at random using randomizer software I was told about--thanks Juniper), probably next week.

Here are the two fine men ready for action:

So that's all there is to it :-) Have fun, and above all, BUY my book! LOL Kidding...kidding...okay, I'm serious, buy it. I need chocolate money after my Easter supply ran out too soon! LOL


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