Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mouse in the Wainscoting

Mouse in the Wainscoting is available NOW!

Here is the synopsis:

David Walker Craven hauls freight for Red Star Haulage. He had done so for five long, lonely years with only a sarcastic, sexually deprived computer as company. Her name is Miranda, the bane of his existence, but the one he depends on the most as well.

Everything seems to be going along swimmingly, David's plans of retiring on a desert island once he has saved up enough money looks to be in the bag. After each successful haul his dream moves one step closer to reality and all he left behind fades into memory.

Until Miranda detects a life form on board.

A stowaway.

David is soon embroiled in a series of events that involves a dead young man, a legendary being called a shifter and an alien race that scares the spit out of him. Can he survive the events that unravel? Or will his past, present and future catch up with him in ways he couldn't have expected? In ways that will change everything...forever.


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