Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy? Try Being a Writer

In the writing world its funny how for weeks, even years, nothing happens. Then, all of a sudden everything happens at once. Well, that’s how it has been for me lately, and as a result I’ve had a rather busy week.

First, I have been invited to guest blog at Night Owl Romance (NOR). When Tammie sent me the confirmation that it was all a go the first thing I did was panic! Yep. Me. Panic. I had no idea what to write. Sure, it’s fun, even easy, to write a ‘normal’ blog entry for my own site. If what I write is complete and utter crap then so what. I'd have the next post to redeem myself. Not so with this post I am doing for NOR. I get one shot and one shot only to draw potential new readers into my evil clutches *grin*

I stared for ages at the fresh, clean white 'new document' I had opened, hoping to find inspiration. I needed to be witty. No, I needed to be funny. Wait…hang on…how about if I wrote something intellectual? Oh darn! Me intellectual? That would be like me asking my dog to go hang out the washing. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Then something happened. I had an epiphany. I decided to be myself. Just write what came naturally to me. You know, talk about something I weave into my writing and make it fun, too.

So go check out the result of my first (and hopefully not last) blog at NOR, click here on the 11th of April. That’s when I take over the place! Muhaahaaaaa. I hope they know what they got themselves into.

Second, I have started an all new ‘announcement only’ blog for my writing. A place where I can post news, submissions, rejections, acceptances and anything else that takes my fancy. To check that out click here.

And last but not least, I have been doing a lot of submissions lately. I have about 3 completed novels with another 2 coming to that stage where I need to think of where I’m going to send them. This past week I’ve been editing like mad, writing synopsis’s and generally getting submission packages ready. Phew! Who knew writing was only just the beginning when it comes to being a writer.

Oh, and I just found out that my book "Call of the Hunted" is now available at Fiction Wise right here. Go check it out and grab my book for a great price!

Until next Thursday!

Mark Alders.


Sierra Wolfe said...

Whew, Mark! You have been busy! I understand completely how you're feeling. Seems like it's been really hectic for me lately, too. I'm still trying to play catch up. :D

Gracen Miller said...

I'm in the same boat with you on the "busy" seas.

I've never thought about guest blogging elsewhere the way you did though. LOL When you mentioned you needed to be witty and intelligent I was immediately thinking, "HA! I'd fall flat on my face if I tried." :D

Good blog today. Shows the extremes of writing and that it's not always such a cushy occupation and can be stressful.

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