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Subtle Whoring or Honest living by Isabelle St Paul

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Romance Author,  Isabelle St Paul


Would you condemn a woman who uses her body to make her dreams come true? Would you believe her purpose for posing naked in front of the camera as her only way to reach the only dream her heart beats for. Would you say that she is a subtle whore or a woman earning her living honorably.

In my story, My Pleasure, Lilith McFayden worked as a porn actress. Her purpose--to save money so she could buy the small house with white picket fence and surrounded with yellow roses. For Lilith, showing her body for all the men and women to see, to watch, was the easiest and shortest route to achieving her goal. With no education to boast about and no office experience to write on her resume, she knew pornography is the last ticket. And she must use it. For when her body begins to sag and her youthful look disappears producers would go for a younger actress. When that happens what will happen to her?

I know someone who went to the middle east to work as a staff in a hospital. She said the pay was good and enough to support her family. But she still hooked up with a US soldier stationed there. Her purpose--to catch a big fish that would take her to US. Her dream, she said, was to come here. Now, do you think her move was justifiable. Or was she a subtle whore? Is she any different to any young women hooking up with married men to help support them through college.

My Pleasure is set to be released on June 15th from eXtasy Books (Fantasy Garden). This is a short novella and really hot stuff. Please visit my site Isabelle St Paul and leave your comment for a chance to win a copy of this book. Or leave one here, too, to double your chances. Either one, you'll be entered in the drawing.

Looking forward to sharing views and stories with you!

Thank you Wicked Thorn and Roses for the invite to blog here.

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Tess MacKall said...

Strong women do what they have to and should not apologize for their actions.

Many women work in the escort business or other parts of the sex industry to put themselves through school.

Following one's dream never needs justification as long as it doesn't infringe on or hurt anyone else. Live your own life. Make your own decisions.

Good luck with the book, sounds intriguing.

lisekimhorton said...

I think the issue of a character's choices can make for a wonderfully complex character. Just as no REAL person always does the just, honorable, morally correct thing, while still being a generally good person, not wholly corrupt or evil, so much our characters also have these flaws if we want them to A. not appear cookie-cutter and mundane and B. have a good conflict in life to struggle with and, ultimately, come to grips with - be it acceptance of that flaw or recognizing it as something they wish to change about themselves or make amends for. It makes for multi-layered story-telling and strong plots and powerful emotions. (But that's just me ;-))

Isabelle said...


Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you and my character definitely agrees. Lilith walks with her head held high. She's not robbing anyone blind to make her dream come true.

Isabelle said...


One thing for sure, Lilith's story is not mundane. :D She's a hottie in front of the camera and a regular Jay Leno fan once she sheds her porn actress character.

Thanks for your comment.


She said...
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She said...

I think we often take what seems to be the easiest route. If we really thought about what we're doing, I think we'd find other ways to achieve our goals. It is amazing what a person is able to accomplish even if the road she travels is not the one she thought she would be on. I think most people have dreams and have a definite path worked out to achieve that dream and when the path becomes bumpy or changes direction, they'll give up the dream and become bitter or resigned and not go after that dream. I've found that going with the flow can bring opportunities I was never looking for but have turned out to be what I needed. So if Lilith's dream is a house and white picket fence then she has to do whatever she needs to for her to achieve her goal.

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