Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recharging the Writer's Soul

One thing is for sure about writers. We sit on our bums all day or all night, depending on when you write. And that's just not good for the bones or the soul. We all need to recharge and I'm sure you all have your various methods. What are yours? Share yours today and I'll pick the most original and give the winner his or her choice of any of my books in virtual format.

One of my favorite ways to recharge is gardening. I did plenty of that yesterday. I love digging the earth with my giant cooking spoon. Do you think I should invest in some gardening tools? I have and they aren't as good as my spoons. I go nuts in the kitchen aisle and I'm shopping for garden stuff. My mother doesn't have a green thumb. She has a green body, a green soul, green hair. She looks like freaking Oscar the Grouch. No kidding. The woman's house is like one giant African violet. She's constantly bringing over cuttings, bulbs, baskets and flats of whatever plant is overtaking her garden. I have news for you mom...uh, it's a lost cause. And get this, I'm not kidding either. When my parents go out of town, I take care of their kitties..no problem, a couple of cans of Fancy Feast, fresh water and rubbing behind the ears. No joke here...it takes me nearly 2 freaking hours to water her stuff. Groannnnnnnnnnn....so there I am lugging a baby on my hip for two hours while I talk to the garden hose about my latest WIP. I complain a lot but really I love it. This recharges my battery as much as working in my own garden. Nothing more soothing then being outside, listening to the birds chirping, giving the earth and the flowers a nice, long drink. I once saw a psychic that told me if I'm ever stuck on a book, to run water. She said it makes everything flow. I thought she was nuts until I realized I do my best plotting in the shower. Watering plants works too. Try it.

Okay, many of my wicked blogger friends know that I adore wine, particularly red wine. Well, last year I planted a grapevine. Well, I affectionately call it my winevine. Cause that's what it is really. It's gorgeous this year. Last year it was a stick with one leaf. Check it out.

I love watching my plants start out as tiny little things in the spring and grow to full bodied beauties in the summer and this baby is just getting started. This really recharges my battery. And I love the sunshine on my skin and face. You know, sunshine is prescribed for people in dreary climates. Sunshine is rich in Vitamin D and helps with depression. I think many writers fall into depression needlessly because we are shut inside like mad scientists, working furiously on a deadline. Stop it! Go outside! Thankfully, many of us have laptops.

I love to take my kids to the park or get a glass of wine and hang out in the backyard while they play. Pack a picnic lunch and head to the ole swimming hole. We have a great creek nearby. My honey and I have had some wonderful days there too. The kids love to catch turtles, watch minnows, dig in the mud and collect rocks and shells. Take the dogs on a walk, take the kids out in the stroller or mix it up and do both! Venture outdoors and recharge that battery!

Another thing that we often do to ourselves as writers is deprive ourselves of precious sleep. This is a big fat no-no! We need our sleep! And if you're like me and you're forced to write at night because of the rugrats, then take a nap with the baby. Your body and mind will thank you for it later and your brain will be recharged, refreshed and wired, ready to go for several hours of good writing that same night. If you don't, you might end up like Tiny down below.

Okay, now my ultimate favorite way to unwind, relax and recharge is...I bet it's yours too....snicker. Hmmmm....I wonder...what could it be...that's right....some good ole fashioned kissing, face sucking, lip hugging, neck licking, you name it. I love to kiss, as most women do and many men generally like to skip this MOST important bit of foreplay. For me, it IS the foreplay and the very best way to revel in your lover's scent and special brand of love. *Sigh* Kissing is oh so intimate and seductive and then of course, it leads to the really good shit so let's all recharge our batteries with this baby. Put this at the top of your list at RECHARGE LESSON #1....WE MUST MAKE LOVE AND LOTS OF IT!!!! And hey, it's a fabulous reason to post more hot as hell eye candy pics!

Now Wicked Bloggers....UNITE, GO FORTH, RECHARGE THOSE BATTERIES!!! I double dog dare you to seduce your lover the second he or she walks through your door today. Say it was an assignment. Report back with the details. All of them. The more vivid the better. Now, DO IT! Then you can garden.



Sierra Wolfe said...

LOL! Great post today, Alisha. I really enjoyed reading it, especially the end. ;)

I, unfortunately, do not have a green thumb. I kill every poor plant that I get. Thankfully, I'm good with healing humans. :D My mom has a green thumb, but apparently it wasn't passed down to me.

Alisha Paige said...

Thanks,Sierra. Well, hey, you are a healer nonetheless! That's nothing to scoff at!

Tierney O'Malley said...

Planting or gardening is not my thing. *sigh* But I do love plants. When it comes to recharging my batteries, sometimes I would take a walk with my husband down to the beach or we play tennis. *whispering* the seduction starts from there.

Booksrforever123 said...

to recharge, I used to take walks with my dog. Seeing the sights while she sniffed around was relaxing and allowed me to think thru whatever was bothing my mind. Now I'll just have to either walk by myself as she is gone or I take a nap or escape into a great book to the point that the house could catch on fire and I wouldn't pay attention.

Alisha Paige said...

Tierney, I love walks on the beach. And I loved your last line, the very best way to unwind.

Booksrforever, awwww, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet dog. Are you going to get another fur baby? And I agree, a nap and a great book are wonderful ways to recharge the ole battery.

Yesterday I gave myself a pedicure on the front porch. It was a lovely spring day. The wind chimes were tinkling, my son was taking a nap and my daughter was coloring Slimy the Worm at her miniature table outside. I had popped a casserole in the oven and just enjoyed the afternoon. And then I had pretty toes! I think I'll hang outside some more today.

Dana Fredsti said...

I KNEW this was an Alisha post the minute I started scrolling through the photos! :-)

Lovely post and I wish your mom would send some of her green magic my way!

Alisha Paige said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dana! I'll have my mom send some green magic your way. *Grin*

Alisha Paige said...

Okay, my blog wasn't the most popular...tee hee.

I only had a couple of people comment on how they would recharge so I'm going to offer any of you a free ebook. That goes for my blog sisters too if you'd like one. Go to my website and go to Books where you can read the blurbs and watch the Book Videos and read Reviews to help you decide. www.alishapaige.com. Email me at alishapaigewilson@yahoo.com and let me know so I can send you your prize.

Have a beautiful week and thanks for stopping by Wicked Thorn and Roses.


Tierney O'Malley said...

Oh man, where do you live? I want to be able to sit outside and paint my toenails. Guess I could--wearing my coat. I am sooooo looking forward to summer.

BTW, Alisha. My husband and I went out for a walk down to the marina. We walked by Beach Cafe and saw people having their afternoon siesta, drinking wine. You mentioned that you like wine so when I saw one lady holding her glass of wine I thought about you.
I guess, from now on everytime I see a bottle of wine I'll associate it with you. Red wine equals Alisha. LOL

Awesome post--like always.


Wait! I'm your blog sister, right? *wink* *wink*

Alisha Paige said...

I live in a suburb of Dallas, Tierney. Okay, I'm jealous. I want a beach within walking distance. Where do YOU live?

You got it, sister! Red Wine = Alisha..snicker. You sure did paint a pretty picture of your walk on the beach. Sigh...I'm sooooo jealous. And afternoon siestas....lovely.

Yes, you are my blog sister, *double wink*. Want a free read?

Oops and I'm so sorry I forgot to include our favorite thorn...snort...Mark!!!!!! My blog brother!!!! Hey, Mark, let me know if you want a free read too. I'm giving away ebooks this week.

Debra Kayn said...

You got me all excited *giggle* I bought grape plants last year, Oh...I hope they look like that picture this year!

I've caught the spring fever going around, and you were spot on with your suggestions on charging my battery.

I shall go forth...and charge! lol

Alisha Paige said...


Thanks for stopping by! I'm sending good wishes for your wine vines!!!

And you made me laugh out loud! Go forth and recharge that battery! Don't forget to send me the details..tee hee.

Oh and let me know if you'd like a free eread this week. It's free book week! Go to www.alishapaige.com to watch Book Videos and read reviews. You can email me at alishapaigewilson@yahoo.com with your choice.


Tierney O'Malley said...


I live in Shoreline, WA The Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is walking distance from our house. Edmonds Marina where husband and I walked yesterday is about five to eight minute drive. There you'll see the same view--Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains plus the Kingston Ferry, restaurants, rustic downtown Edmonds, and fishing pier.
We love it here. Nice, quiet, and just beautiful.

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