Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a Quick One

I’m pleased to announce my muse has come back to me. God I missed him so. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want me to work on my current project, rather, he wants me to get one of my older works polished up and ready for submission.

That’s fine with me.

So long as I am at the keyboard and typing away, I’m happy. Doing something creative takes me away from day to day life. Not that there’s anything wrong with day to day life. Far from it. It’s just nice to escape once in a while, isn’t it?

Some people escape by watching a movie. Others like to read books. Me? I like to write them *giggle* The project my muse wants me to get ready is a fantasy epic set in the wheatbelt region of Western Australia. And, as far as the world I have created anyway, there’s a lot more than sheep and farms there. In fact the place I have created is populated with magical billabongs, evil unicorns and friendly centaurs. Not to mention a father and his two sons who so happen to be living right in the middle of it all.

So there you have it. I hope to polish up a chapter a night. Hopefully, within a month or so the final draft will be complete and I’ll be ready to send it out into the big wide world. And yes, just in case you were thinking it, the book does have some rather steamy erotica in it. But unlike my other books, it’s not male/male. Yes, it’s a traditional boy falls in love with a unicorn who turns into a girl who so happens to be evil and the boy’s brother tries to save him and his family and his farm before it’s all too late. Ahh, the old stories are the best, aren’t they? *chuckle*

Until next week.


Tierney O'Malley said...

Yey! That's good news, Mark. That happens to most of us, I guess. I have three stories open right now because my need, want to work on the newer story is stronger than the need to work on the older one. Crazy, huh? All I can say is follow the whispers of your heart. And it looks like that's what you're already doing.
Here, catch your beer! How's the house and your garden?


Alisha Paige said...

Ooooooh, I love the sound of this story. Right up my alley. I'm so happy your muse is back. How if your new home? Settled yet?

Fat hug,

Mark Alders said...

Alisha and Tierney, I am all settled into my new house. The garden and everything is all done. There are only a few minor things to sort out now :-) I'm really happy. It's the best house we've ever had!

Which is a good thing I've done everything because I go back to work in 2 weeks. Good timing, hey?

And yes, this story is one of my all time favourites, but I neglected it for a long time. Now that I am getting back into it, I am loving it. I hope I can find a good home for it once I have completed this draft.

Big, big hugs to both of you. Thank you for commenting *squeeze* **hugs** ***more hugs***

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