Monday, June 1, 2009

Cover Contest Day 2!

Congratulations to Lisa Alexander Griffin! You're cover for A Celtic Lover's Magic has won Monday's poll! You're cover will go on to our final contest on Sunday.

Ready for a new set of 10 covers? Here they are!  Same as yesterday, pick your favorite, and vote in the poll above.

Good luck authors!


Carrie said...

These contests are always so hard. For the most part, I prefer a cover that reveals a little bit of the storyline to me. No matter what genre I read, the last thing I really want to see on the covers is flesh, especially if it's a romance novel, 'cause I already know flesh will be revealed at some point in the story.

I choose a book based on the whole picture (cover, blurb and who writes the reviews on the book, then I might even go so far as to read the first chapter or two and see if the book can hold my attention).

Lisa Griffin said...

Thank you so much for holding the contest. I'm delighted with today's outcome, and nervous. Sunday will be hard. lol.

Sierra Wolfe said...

You're welcome, Lisa! Congratulations!

You're so right, Carrie. I love it when the cover shows setting or something revealing about the story itself. A lot depends on the genre, too. If it's erotic, I would expect to see a lot more flesh than if it was a Romantic Suspense. I think alot of the covers have really shown that. You can see a lot of action in some of the fantasy covers, which is good to see.

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