Sunday, December 20, 2009

6 Days 'Til Christmas, and my True Love Gave Me...


Well, I can't blame him. My present buying has not improved at all in the past week. I just asked him a few moments ago if he's purchased anything and his answer was no. So, neither of us will have anything to open that day...and you know what? I don't think it's bothering me all that much.

I wonder why?

I'm more bothered by the idea that I don't have anything for him more so than having something to open for myself. There is just something about finding someone the perfect gift and watching their little faces light up when they open it. I know many marvelous shoppers who seem able to start their holiday gift buying frenzy sometime in the middle of July or August. My oldest sister is one such creature. Me, I think I'v done that once. Once. And only withone gift for my hubby back in the Dark Ages when we were still engaged. It proved extremely hard to wait the four or five months with the present tucked deep in the back of my closet, to not give it to him in the meantime.

No, I'm definately someone who needs to shop closer to the big day, just so I don't collapse in a gift giving seizure and beg the person to open their presents early.

As it is...I wasn't ready for Christmas this year. It came up on me too quickly. Maybe I'll just write it off this year and do something big for Valentines. Oh, wait. I can't. I'm working that day.

Huh, sounds familiar.



Tierney O'Malley said...

Awww... sorry you're not ready for Christmas. My husband and I would probably skip Christmas if it weren't for out kids. LOL
I miss the years when my kids were little. They would sit in front of the television and would wait for the commercial to come on. They would write everything they see (basically everything)including the 1-800 number. But back then, they wanted Polly Pockets, Barbies, dolls, horses. I could spend two hundred dollars and end up with sixty presents under the tree. Not anymore. My children's lists are short now. But, damn. To buy them all, I would have to declare bankrupcy. LOL
YOu still have time, Kate. Five more days.

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