Friday, December 11, 2009

Have you heard of Carrie Hinkell- Gill?

The first time I read Carrie’s post, I knew she wasn’t just an ordinary woman. She was one smart woman. I even began to think that she was one of those grammarian, academia, smart people I tried to avoid meeting at parties for fear that she’d ask me questions. Jeopardy hard questions. LOL

Anyway, she reviewed my book, Wicked Night Before Christmas. And let me tell you, my eyes bulged and nearly drooled on my laptop while reading her review. I could tell she didn’t just scanned the story. Man, she dissected my book, critiqued, and reviewed it. I LOVE IT. One thing about me, I love reading comments about my work. Don’t just tell me that you enjoyed reading my book. Tell me what you THINK about it. That was exactly what Carrie did. Here is the link to the review.


Another wonderful blog that I enjoyed visiting is Book Talk with J & J. Big time authors often visit the site. Nice to rub elbows with the experts. :D

Today, I am Book Talk’s guest. My interview is available there now and I hope you guys will find the time to check it out. I bragged about you all. I do it all the time. :) Here's the link to the interview:


Leave a comment and you might win a copy of my ebook.


Happy weekend!




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