Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Smell of Love

Ever passed someone in the street and thought, gee, they smell nice? Well, research has found that smell plays a big part in how we perceive someone, whether or not we are attracted to someone and most importantly, whether or not we stay with someone when we do form a relationship with them.

Remember that famous quote by Ms. Monroe: "All I wear to bed is Channel no. 5"? Well, surprise, surprise that particular perfume is the worlds best seller. Thing is, on a lot of women, Channel No. 5 smells like toilet spray or at worst insecticide. Why? Well, it's all about how perfumes/deodorants/after shave/body sprays react with our own natural body smell. We all have our own smell first and foremost.

People who are considered the most attractive are the ones who have discovered that magic combination. What artificial perfume/spray to use to best highlight their own natural smell. And it also seems that we stay with people who have the most desirable natural smell to us, without the use of artificial sprays.

So...if you've been with your partner a long time, chances are you like their smell.


Sierra Wolfe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sierra Wolfe said...

Interesting blog, Mark. I have to say that I avoid perfumes like the plague. Nothing will give me a migraine faster than perfume or cologne. Very, very few of them don't bother me. I usually can't be around people who wear them. Although, I have found that the Tim McGraw cologne really smells good and doesn't seem to bother me or cause a headache, so that's a BIG plus for me.

Mark Alders said...

Well, the fist comments was removed by the author. Is that a sign I am posting crap?! LOL

I like to mix my posts up, not just talk about myself and what I am doing. I offer opinion and observation, too.

Oh well. Perhaps I should just go back to: me! me! me!

Next week...a post about me! Stay tuned folks.


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