Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My last post...

of the year 2009! Is it just me or has the year just flown by?

We had a wonderful Christmas but boy am I glad it's over. The two kids and I celebrated the holiday at home. We had fun doing our already made up traditions plus making some new ones. The kids were at war over Santa. Daughter says Santa isn't real but son insists he is. Even though they are just 13 months apart in age, it seems like 13 years.

I recieved two gifts for Christmas this year. The first one came on Christmas Eve. A contract for my full length novel titled New Year's Resolution. Great time to get a contract for it, huh? It's with another publisher and the expected release date is spring 2010.

My other gift was something my daughter bought with her own money and meant the world to me even though it probably seems silly to everyone else. We were watching tv one night and a commercial came on for some really expensive chocolate. I said, "I'd love to try that." Daughter asked why I didn't buy any. "I said, "Because it costs too much. I could never spend that much on candy for myself." This happened about a month or so before Christmas. Anyway, my daughter bought me the chocolate. It was the first gift I had gotten from the kids that they had spent their own money on and my daughter had really listened to me that night. My kids are great!

We don't plan on anything crazy for New Year's Eve. We'll be having pizza and punch while watching the count down on tv. Daughter has stayed up with me for the past two years. Son doesn't make it yet but he says he will this time lol. We'll see.

Do you make New Year's resolution? I made two writing goals for the new year.

#1. Have two books released (check!).

#2. Coauthor a paranormal with critique partner.

So what are your resolutions and holiday plans?

Talk to you soon and cheers to the new year,

Wendy Ely


lissa said...

I do this very same thing, but I haven't made my list yet. You have 2 on your list? My 2009 Writing Goals list had about 20 items. My 2010 list will have about the same. I love having the goals and I'll be blogging about this topic tomorrow myself...LOL

Good luck with yours!


Wendy_Ely said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lissa! Let me know the link so I can visit your blog ;)


Joelle Charbonneau said...

Hard to believe the year is almost over. I have three writing goals this year:

1) Finish the book I'm writing for my mystery series.

2) Write a new stand alone thriller/suspense before summer.

3) To not panic when my first book comes out in the fall. (This one might be the hardest of all. I might need a lot of chocolate.)

Happy New Year to everyone. May your writing goals turn into realities in 2010.

Joelle Charbonneau

Tierney O'Malley said...

My goal for this year is the same. Find more time to write and clean up my back burner. *grinning*


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