Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Themes and family~ A tie that binds!

My post is not about me getting nominated but I'd like to announce Tierney's novel along with mine (Jesse's Brother) have been chosen to compete for Book of the Month over at Dark Diva Reviews. Have some time? Stop on over and vote!

Thanks for the being patient. Now on to the blog post:

I recently took a workshop given by a wonderful author. She mentioned something (I don't remember her exact words) about every writer having a theme in their books. She asked if we knew what our 'theme' was. My critique partner, Buffy Christopher and I were talking about this the other day because she figured out that her books all focus on the heroine trying to save herself. Every book of mine has had the characters dealing with family issues of some type. In Jesse's Brother, Samantha is home to deal with issues she has with her mother and adores her father. In Confessions, Chelsea has to face her dysfunctional family after her disappearance so many years ago had convinced them that she'd been abducted. My release for 2010 has a heroine who a normal family but doesn't desire to have a connection with them.

If you know me on a more personal level, you probably know I have a lot of family issues and I admire people who have healthy relationships with their family members. It's the holiday season and it has gotten me thinking about families and my book theme. For awhile I believed the theme came up from the issues I have and have tried varying up a little since who wants to read family drama all of the time, right? So I went further back in my life to see if it held in relevance.

My mom had been a single parent and ran a foster home for most of my childhood. I often felt alone and on the sidelines. I started reading V.C Andrews at a young age so I believe my attraction to family issues goes way back then what my family is like today.

What about you? If you are writer, do you notice a theme in your books? For the readers, do you tend to gravitate toward a certain theme? How do these mirror your life?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this!

Wendy Ely


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