Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Man Possessed

I wrote 20,000 words in two days of a story that took me and my muse by the scruff of the neck and wouldn't let go. What's more, I even did a mock-up cover and the synopsis! I have about 10,000 to write...wonder if I can finish it tomorrow *giggle* It's my first full menage story and so far I am having a blast writing it. (Off to my beta readers for this one, my pretty)

Here's the synopsis and cover I did, just to tease :-)

“A boy reaches puberty at around thirteen years of age. If he is one of the few, born with a caul, he will hit Magolescence by the time he’s considered a man. That’s when things can get really difficult.” Dr. Obenweiser’s guide to Magolescence.

Magolescence is a magical puberty, a stage in a magician's life where unexpected things can happen while the brain prepares the body for life as a magician. At eighteen, Shane has more than enough to deal with besides disapproving parents, a weird doctor and an evil magician who wants to recruit Shane and his two lovers, Joel and Will, into his coven. He is going through Magolescence, too. Lord help him!

More information to follow...

***Please note, the below is a mock-up cover and will not be used once the publishers cover has been issued***


Alisha Paige said...

OMG, Mark! There is no way the publisher could come up with a hotter cover! Wow! And I love the font too! This story sounds awesome! Can't wait!


Alisha Paige said...

And I forgot to say how much I love the title and the entire concept! Super Creative! You rock! Oh and can I borrow your muse when you're done? I've been pumped because I wrote 20,000 words in TWO WEEKS, not TWO FRICKING DAYS!!!!! Now I do have 3 kids...but still.....I'M SO JEALOUS!

Rock on! What do they put in the water down under? Send me some! I'm gonna go play Nickelback's Rock Star in your honor right now. *snicker*

Tierney O'Malley said...


You're soaring, man. I think I sold my first book with Extasy the same time you did. Now look at you! Congrats, Mark.


Mark Alders said...

First off, sorry for my lack of comments. Blogger hates me! It hates me...

Now that is over, Thank you, Alisha! You are so the best, mate. Luv ya and thanks for all the encouragement. *hugs*

Tierney, oh, my thank you. I look up to you and all the fabulous work you have done. You are an inspiration to me :-)



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