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An Interview with Michele Hart and Jon Paige and A Drawing for A Copy of Mind Blown!

Author Michele Hart Interviews Jon Paige, the “Resourceful” Hero of Mind-Blown

Here’s a first bite of Mind-Blown:

Jon Paige discovers his employer is developing illicit mind control techniques. He quickly learns how to hijack the system and breaks down his beautiful assistant’s persistent walls. Will Holly forgive him for sneaking into her mind, if she ever learns of it?

Holly Maddox is determined not to dip her pen in the company ink, a policy that’s served her well…until Jon comes along. He steals her mind when he’s in the room, weakens her fortitude with every flash of his flirty eyes and secretive smile. How will she keep herself from falling in love with her boss when he melts her impulse control?

When Jon and Holly decide to sabotage the brain-washing experiments, they learn they’re up against a greater power than they’d bargained for. Doing the right thing risks lives. Will the truth of their beginnings wreck their sizzling affair?

MICHELE: Welcome, Jon, Take a seat, get comfortable.

Jon takes a seat, bounces a little to test the virtue of the chair.

MICHELE: So, Jon, you’re the hunky and felonious hero of Mind-Blown, my spicy new Sci-Fi Romance available now at Siren-BookStrand. What was your motivation to use mind control on your assistant Holly?

JON: (smiles wildly) Have you seen her? Take a gander at our book cover. Holly was a stubborn one, wasn’t a fast fall for my smooth charms. She hid behind towering walls built around her soul over some long-ago heartbreak, and she was prepared for a prolonged assault. No matter how many times I politely knocked on those steel barricades, she dashed my efforts Even when I could see magic stirring in her pretty eyes. No matter the occasional secretive smile I provoked, she was still a willing prisoner of those walls. Her mind was set. I would not defeat her defense. It was a stroke of Fate that I divined our company’s mind-control tricks, and I was offered the chance to confirm my theory of the discovery.
And I only pulled off a few small break-ins, nothing worthy of the full-blown adjective “felonious”. (uses finger quotes) I prefer the words “resourceful” and “unique thinker”.

MICHELE: (issues a disagreeing grunt) Now, Jon. Most laws would consider the multiple penetrations of a federal medical institution felonious.

JON: (shrugs, still smiles coolly) I didn’t take much. This isn’t some kind of police trap-and-interrogation, is it? You aren’t a cop, are you? ‘Cause I haven’t admitted to anything specifically and you have no evidence against me. That’s what my kick-ass attorney will say to any guy wearing a black dress behind a judge’s bench. (taps the microphone) Is this thing on?

MICHELE: (gives up and moves on) So, you tested your theory on Holly?

JON: I actually tested it on a group of unknowing employees, but I did slip a little subliminal romantic help into Holly’s memory experiment. Just to see if I could weaken her stifling opposition against spending casual off-time with me.

MICHELE: You say the opportunity to change Holly’s mind about not dating coworkers was just too juicy to pass up?

JON: It absolutely was. I’m a weak man for a hot redhead and legs up to her chin. I blame a loss of good judgment from basking in Holly’s bewitching company five days a week.

MICHELE: Sounds very shifty in the employer-ethics corner. Even sounds bad for a friend to do to another friend.

JON: That it was, a violation, really. I’m not usually one to wish for this sort of power over another person. I’d felt very bad after I’d done it, wished to undo it, and thought to confess…until Holly kissed me and led me to her bed. I lost all interest in guilt somewhere along the way to her bedroom.. It was when I listened to the music of her panting my name in my ear that I realized there was no going back. Not that I wanted to, at that point.

MICHELE: Was it a case of desperate people doing desperate things?

JON: Yes, it was exactly that.

MICHELE: I guess you figured you’d never get caught. It didn’t end well, did it?

JON: (shakes his head, looks remorseful, a bit haunted) No. I hadn’t anticipated my little test-run of brain-washing would end like this at all. By the time it was over, I ended up in a blood-smeared bunny suit--yes, a bunny suit--and the world media and the President of the United States had become involved. Even worse, I nearly lost Holly. We’ll be in hiding for months.

Find out how badly it went.
by Michele Hart
Available in e-Book ISBN#: 1-60601-773-X

Read reviews and hot, action-packed excerpts, watch the book trailer at:

Read and live an adventure.
Happy reading,

Michele Hart
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance Author
~Walk Another World ~ www.ILoveShapeShifters.com ~

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Mark Alders said...

Great post, Alisha. Don't enter me in though...just commenting while blogger is being nice to me and letting me do this.



Maria said...

This book sounds intriguing- the music for the book trailor was very dramatic!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Sounds delicious! And very wicked! I'm a big sci fi fan!

Michele Hart said...

Thank you, Maria and Julia. I hope you like the story. Good luck in the drawing.


Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Michele - and Jon of course - and hello Alisha!

What a great interview. Sounds like a great read Michel, congratulations, and wishing you loads of sales!

joder said...

Great interview and intriguing sounding read. I can't help but wonder how Jon would've felt if it were him who had this manipulation done to him? Surely he can understand why Holly gets a bit angry?

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Michele Hart said...

Thank you for your comments, Joder and Lyn!
Yeah, if the situation was reversed, he would have felt differently. Believe me, he gets punished for it in the end. :-)

Alisha Paige said...

The winner of the drawing is Hywela Lyn! Congrats, Lyn.

Thanks to everyone who left Michele a comment. If you didn't win a copy of Mind Blown, don't worry, you can purchase your very own copy. See the Buy Link in this post. Anyone who purchases a copy this week will also receive a free ebook of any of my titles. Go to www.alishapaige.com to choose your book. Email me a copy of your receipt for Mind Blown to alishapaigewilson@yahoo.com and you will be entered to win an autographed print copy of Nocturnally Vexed. I will announce the winner of the signed copy next Tuesday.

~Happy Reading!

Lynnette Labelle said...

Sorry I missed out. Just wanted to say the book sounds great!

Lynnette Labelle

Kari Thomas said...

Uh Oh. Late again!

Just wanted to say WOW, this book sounds like a winner! Loved the Interview, too!

hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com

Alisha Paige said...

I'm reading Mind Blown right now and can't put it down, even when I promised another author I would hurry and read her book for a review....eeek! I'll just read double what I normally read. :) Michele never disappoints. Go buy her book and email me my thank you letter for introducing you to this rising star. Not kidding either. Her writing is THAT GOOD. Get ready to laugh out loud and lose some sleep. Her books are addictive.

dor said...

It's funny that you got caught. This sounds like such a super read.

Great interview..I enjoyed.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

Debra Glass said...

I love this premise!! Fun interview!

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