Saturday, June 5, 2010


Pen names seem to be used in the writing industry as often as real names are. There are some valid reasons for pen names. Maybe your pen name is snazzier than your real name? Others use different pen names depending upon their genre.

Using an alias can be liberating too. I can let loose and give free reign to my wild side, write wicked things and none of my family and friends know it’s me so they can’t judge. This is the main reason I chose to use a pen name. I live in what’s referred to as the Bible Belt and the things I write aren’t biblically approved. At all. Heck, I have family that believes I’m going to hell for writing about vampires…forget the sex, just the vampire writing is getting me a one-way direct ticket to the pit. *rolls eyes* But, even though I don’t have a problem with folks knowing what I write, I didn’t think it fair to subject my children to the scrutiny and judgment they’d receive if certain judgmental people learned what I write. Keeping my pen name a deep dark secret is becoming more difficult, however, thanks to my eldest son. He tells everyone that’ll listen that I’m an author. He even told his principal I was a published author. At least I know he’s proud of me.

The alias Gracen Miller gives me anonymity also and none of the psychos can track me down and stalk me as easily either. Right? LOL Yeah, that might be a tad drastic, especially since a good hacker could probably still find me. But I admit I’ve met a couple of folks on the internet that make me really, really, really happy that I decided to use a pen name. I feel safer knowing that only a trusted few know my true identity. There are some crazy folks out there!

So, do you use a pen name? Why or why not? What was your reason for using one?

I’ll blog about our cruise next Saturday! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!



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