Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Bit of an Update

Here's an an update for all my wonderful readers and the hoards of fans alike

First, did a bit of tinkering on my main website...Mainly added lots of pretty images to help sparkle things up a bit


Then, on the 15th of August part 4 of Pembroke is released. Titled, Fire of the Heart. It involves lots of dragon shifters and an adventure that will culminate in an amazing revelation for our hero, Jacob.

The Keeper of the Land series starts October the 1st! Can you resist unicorn magic. Oh, and my unicorns are not as you know them. Then again, everything I do is a bit different. *evil chuckle*

My Borders of Worlds Saga begins soon, too! (Feb 15th 2011) Can't wait to get that one out. You will all fall in love with Vernon! I promise...yes, he's a eight-foot high Alien spider, but don't let that bother you :-)

So all go!!!

(Below is a mock-up cover only)


Alisha Paige said...

Very sexy cover, Mark!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Well, it is a mock-up. But doing them does inspire me :-)



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